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designer shoe warehouse dalma mall_designer shoe warehouse doc martens

I was not sure what to expect but I thought I'd give this little RFID-blocking wallet a try. So far so good, I looked at my old big fat wallet and was like, no way all of this will fit, but it mostly did! 90% of it anyway. And that was enough. More room in my handbag now. And still organized. I recommend this little guy!
Fits well
Pretty decent material and construction. Seems to do the job. Beats paying over $100 stuff.
The cash strip hurts your ass if you sit on your wallet. Cards slight out alright but they all come out at once so if you use a card often make sure you put it at the top or bottom.
like it
The fabric rips easily. The crotch ripped out after a couple times wearing and so did the holes for the drawstring.
in the first wash they faded, every time I like less the levis
Just as good as glasses that cost 10x these
Love it it's so comfortable that I often forget it's in my back pocket and it isn't uncomfortable in my back pocket on long drives like my old wallet was.
This purse is well made and the perfect size
My 5-year-old is right at the upper weight limit for this (30-50 lbs, same as her Puddle Jumper), but it had no problem keeping her comfortably above water. I'll be sad when she's outgrown it, because it's easier to put on, less cumbersome than a life vest (WAY lest than the old timey orange pillow jackets), and interferes less in her play. Children's vest jackets include a crotch strap to keep them from slipping up over the child's head, and the straps always give her a nasty rug burn on her thigh. In contrast, this design stays put with a snug chest strap and connected arm floaties. If you have a small child who is shy of water, this type of personal flotation device is the easy way to go.
I'm really impressed with this wallet. The leather is soft and supple, there are no imperfections in the stitching, and it holds nine credit cards plus your license, with additional room underneath two of the three credit card panels. Fully loaded with cards and cash, the wallet lies flat and fits comfortably in most pockets. I also appreciate the RFID-blocking feature. Not sure how Amazon will price the product once it is available for sale, but I'm assuming it will be quite affordable, as Clifton Heritage is an Amazon brand.
Great purse! It is the perfect size, I do not like purses that are to big or to small and this is just perfect size!
2/3 colors were expected, one was grey! (Assorted) they fit great and are very comfy 10/10 undies
I used these hats for work. They look and feel great. I will keep buying these every few months to have a clean black hat.
Fits great
I love the style of this bracelet and have similar ones I wear all the time. Unfortunately when I got this one I put it on and within 20-30 minutes looked down and noticed that one of the ends had come off completely (and was nowhere to be found so I couldn't even repair it). The ends are just glued on so there is heightened risk for this sort of thing happening. The refund process has not been smooth either and I am still waiting for a refund. They are trying to have me send the broken bracelet internationally, which seems like a waste of everyone's money.
Very nice!
Fantastic...they are good as they look and quality is also very good
I love these socks. They don't bunch up in the shoe. They are soft and the thickness is just right. They are also very durable. I have had these socks for several months now and they are holding up fine.
Great product - great service and great price! thank you
The hat came clean and brand new. It was well fitting to where it can be resized to your liking.
Fine, but not holding up well to mutiple washings. (Fraying)
Great fit. Long lasting. Fantastic Price. 5-star.
Poor material, very disappointed.
Hole on the collar on 2nd use.
Great fit. Great simple style. No fading so far after many washes. Comfortable. Impossible to find these for women and was hesitant to buy men's t-shirts figuring they wouldn't fit well and I am glad I bought them.
Purchased 3 of these for my kids when they ride ATVs. They all 3 loved them. They are truly waterproof and windproof and they fit great. Good quality material.
I like the look and the idea, but its really hard to take out the keys. There should be soft plastic instead of the rubbers.
These are so cute! My dad got them for me for Easter :) they're lightweight and very easy to put on. They don't bother my ears (so far at least) and they're adorable.
Love these sunglasses so much! Feel light on my face which I love! And you can’t beat the price!
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