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design your own basketball shoes online_retro design basketball shoes

If these sunglasses had a designer name printed on them they would easily sell for ten times the price. I replaced my Revo shades and honestly I think these may be a bit better quality because they are sturdier. I say that because each lens is held in place by 2 tiny screws as opposed to one on the Revos. They are super light weight and are very good looking.
Washed in cold water and on tumble dry low (just as instructions said) and the screen print was gone after first wash. My daughter loves the skirt and it washed well, but super bummed about the tee!!

Update: The company reached out to me in a timely manner and offered me a replacement and a refund... this is excellent customer service and I would definitely buy from them again!
Pretty minibag
Excellent buy for a great price
Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Believe me... I’ll return for more!
Wore it with my mom for my wedding.
These are good socks and seem well made. The elastic is just right as the socks are not tight but they don’t fall down. However, they are thinner than my other dress socks, so I wouldn’t want to wear them if I knew I had to walk a long way in my dress shoes.
Daughter absolutely loves this
Great feel and quality!
I bought these almost two years ago as a Christmas present for my dad. I personalized them with his initials (I have a feature on my sewing machine that does letters), which worked great. He uses hankies daily and said he hasn't had any issues with these at all.
Bought as a gift for my son. He loved it!
Black faded to brown in a couple of months. Sad.
There okey boxers
So convenient, I love the organization
Got this for my mother’s graduation present and she loved it! She said that its the best gifts for her graduate.
Nice and slim! Durable money clip inside. Happy I bought this
Cute design that draws compliments yet feels cramped on the interior.
I love the subdivided pockets which keep me organized but it always feels like a tight dig when I go to get something out of the front or back sections (middle section is fine). The back interior pocket is also a little too deep and often ends up catching things I don't want in it while dropping my keys (no interior key fob attachment) and the front pocket is under the very real buttons that I'm far too lazy to unbutton and re-button.
The strap is just cumbersome, non-adjustable as many other reviewers have noted it's a bad height for a cross body (too short) and a bit too long for a shoulder bag (especially as it's a bulky bag). The strap is also made of the same material of the purse which is rather stiff so when not being worn the strap pretty much stands up instead of just drooping down.
So, lots of design items that make it a purse that I won't re-buy but I'm still getting plenty of use in the meantime and it does fit a lot. It does feel a bit frumpy though, a mom purse through and through.
The hand bag is very roomy, and lots of extra pocket space as well.
Fits well.
Perfect pants you can dress them up or down plus there affordable 10/10
Purchased in December & it’s held up very well. It’s durable quality. It’s small in size, so if you’re the type to carry everything with you, this isn’t the bag for you. If you’re minimal(wallet, phone, tissue, etc.) this is the perfect size. Strap is adjustable & the color is nice.
At work I’m constantly moving and sweating. Compared to any other cotton shirt they improved my ability to keep working and not having to stop and dry off.
No more cards and IDs scattered about when I drop my wallet.
Great price for comfortable coveralls. I use these especially when crawling around under my trailer or working on my truck. They are a little loose on me, but that's better than binding around the middle if you know what I mean. They are made of a light material that doesn't heat you up too much and allows you to move around freely.
Reliably the same
No show. Pockets. Great.
Top Quality compression socks. Comfy as it gets. The copper infusion is something special. To be marveled like a superhero.
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