brown Passport Wallet|converse shoelace design_converse shoes with lunarlon

converse shoelace design_converse shoes with lunarlon

Quality product, they feel as good as they look..
loved it
Love this bag. Great size to carry anything I need.
Not sure how they thought this was okay to ship. Black with clear gems. When it’s supposed to be silver with orange/amber colored gems. Returned and didn’t want an exchange.
I use them for driving, and driving for work making deliveries. They do very well blocking out the sun and the are really unbreakable I drop them a lot while working and they haven't broken.
I don’t have a huge head and maybe this is for kids and I missed something but it would cut off my circulation if I wore this hat. Just squeezes at my head. Still good quality. Wish it was lighter blue but those are hard to find
I love the color, it goes with most anything. Perfect size for shopping and just right amount of pockets.
Excellent quality, I'm a police officer and have to be able to wear it under my uniform hat, others are too bulky.
I use them for cartilage earrings and it worked out good except the opener was very hard to open and close and it bent on one of the earrings the necklace worked out well I've got many compliments on it after wearing them a little over a week they turned my ears green and the product we're off and was also green not very happy
I bought this mask for my husband who works in construction outside in the New England winter. So far he says it works great. Protecting his ears and face. The price was very reasonable.
Will get some more
Great pants. They look excellent on my fiance.
Comfortable to wear
Just received the product and it smells like mold!
I have purchase Carhartt in the past with no issues, labeled, made in last purchase were made in Nicaragua, which are somewhat on the small size, not relaxed fit at all...unable to wear, need to somehow return for a refund
i love the all plastic design of these glasses! lord knows i have a few too many cocktails and end up sitting on em when the sun goes down. that design saves me the time and money of getting new ones because they snap right back together! i wish i could find just the frames for eye glasses. love em!
Finally - sun glasses with absolute clarity and not distortion. Worth the price any day.
It's GoldToe--excellent socks. These are not the thin dress socks that one might want. Their thicker all the way around which is what I wanted. They still got dress appeal plus good in the winter.
 As pictures speak thousand words and videos another thousand, I put a lot of work in setting up the lighting so I can make a good video and reveal true beauty of this purse. It is super cute and beautiful, had no flaws whatsoever. Every little detail is perfect and just by the look of it you can tell this is expensive purse. I usually have my claws out when reviewing pricey products because I expect a lot for the high price but this purse really delivers. Hence 5 stars.

After spending more time with this cute little purse I am realizing it became one of my favorites! It holds well and I am not the person that takes best care of accessories, still looks new. It is super gorgeous and I am not a cat lady!
I wanted a bigger purse. So I had to send it back
Fits just like I expected
Comfortable, good shorts.
A little snug. But I'm a big man
love it
Nice basic hoodie. Large but nice and roomy. Don't know if it shrinks until it's washed. Good price.
Love the feel of it! It is soft and slim and makes my heart happy.
I like this wallet. It's small. but able to carry my phone and items that I need when I run.
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