Fox White High Top Canvas Shoes|custom shirt with dog on it_custom shirts with your dog on it

custom shirt with dog on it_custom shirts with your dog on it

Material can NOT hold up to the washing machine! My husband wore this for several months, good hat ,until I washed it in the washer, it had holes in it afterwards. So good hat , but I really recommend HAND WASHING 😊
Both wallets have enough credit card storage and separate place for the license. Colors are as advertised.
The Sireck cold weather balaclava is warm and comfortable. The fit is good. The fabric is breathable and helps keep the warmth in.
Such a cute set! Great value. Will order more from this company!!
Fits perfect and is comfortable
Pros: Carhartt quality in that the shirt is thicker, heavier than your average shirt so it will take a beating. Size and fit is very good, especially if broad shouldered.
Cons: Comfort is lacking. Feels like burlap against skin. Tried softeners in wash but made no difference.
Lots of space &’pockets.
Good quality.
Super comfortable, gonna need more than 3 pairs. Wish I had got these pouch style underwear sooner, much better support than traditional boxer briefs.
I love this bag! It can hold what I need
As expected
Fits everything I need. Upgraded to this over a leather front-pocket wallet that had a magnet arm for holding bills. This has a smaller profile, holds the cards better and has enough space in the front pocket for 2-3 bills. If you break a $20, you won't fit all the change.
Very nice and practice, recommended.
This wallet is probably the best one I’ve had in years! Sleek design, not bulky, and all my friends think it’s some fancy high priced company when I only had to pay less then $20! Highly recommended!
Product is priced reasonable and appears to be well made, I haven't used them yet
Product was just as it looked.. Really really nice!!
i really like these socks. I bought 5 packages more.
Just wonderful like the fit and can do everything in them
Only complaint about these is that they are thinner and wear rather quickly...but hey they are socks.
I ended up returning these, as they were comically small for my face. Otherwise they seemed like fine sunglasses.
Very comfortable especially in hot weather
Good price. Good fit. Looks nice
Okay, I will admit to attempting to forge a new persona with this hat being the starting point. From here, I went for the Ray Ban aviator sunglasses with the gold/red finish. Next, I ordered a real authentic duster coat and will finish off the look with black motorcycle boots. When the ensemble is complete, I will post pictures on social media. Back to the hat, though, it is exactly as shown on your site. Don't know for sure about the chin tie. I've been wearing in in back of my head, but I suppose it IS handy for those occasional windy days. I just haven't experienced any, yet. I'm hoping for reasonable dryness under the hat and inside the coat when it rains here in Michigan. We are fast approaching the rainy season. I would recommend anyone who works out in the sun to get one of these as they have a pretty wide brim to keep the sun off.
my glasses don't fall off any more
Way too small it fit my 7yr old instead of my husband.
I’ve had this wallet for about a year. My last wallet was a Fossil and was stolen so I thought I would spend a little less and try this one out. It was really great at first but like most cheap wallets, the card slots tear after medium use. I have never, ever put more than one card in each slot so the tearing is not from overloading the slots. I still use it...that is until I find a replacement. The outside looks great, like any leather wallet should look and it still “smells like leather.” The only negative...and incidentally the life of the wallet, the card slots are junk. Also, I rarely carry my wallet in my pocket, it is nearly always sitting in the console of my vehicle or I carry it in my hand while I am shopping. If it goes in my pocket, I always put it in my front pocket. I say all this because some may think the tearing is from misuse, overloading or sitting on it all the time but that certainly is not the case. The fact is, this is a very nice wallet on the outside but the inside will not last more than a year, or at least my didn't.
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