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Arrived broken. Refused to refund me.
small on me. but good quailty
My son loves them.
very good quality! easy and cool!
Shirts will shrink and fade quickly.
All solid colors.
The pants are gigantic , jacket fits fine , wish could mix and match pants and jacket
When I first took this out the package, I started to regret the purchase. I thought the packaging would be a little nicer and I thought the bag and the purse was larger. I’m also not too crazy about the material. Which is why I’m taking off a star and only giving 4 stars. It doesn’t look as much like the picture in person. It wasn’t until I decided to take a picture of the bag with the flash on. That’s when I started to see its beauty. The colors are beautiful and radiant when light hits it and this is why I give it 4 stars. It’ll be really cute with the right outfit and accessories.
Great product
Not bad to the price of 3 and super cute
I love the cheetah print glasses! I have bought this exact pair twice so far. You seriously cannot go wrong with these because they are so inexpensive for polarized lenses. I also bought the pink lense pair but not as wild about them because they had a green cast to them which was pretty annoying. The cheetah is dark (black) so normal sunglasses and I love them.
It seems to be a nice swim trunk, I have not being able to swim with it as yet.
They fit great and don't lose their elasticity from being washed easily
Absolutely love it.
This jacket is sooooooo soft like whoa, I’m very Impressed with how comfortable and nice it fit for the price, I definitely will recommend to everyone to get this jacket if you want the best dollar and quality than shop searching amazon or where ever else this is your jacket... not paid to say this... just really hyped over this jacket lol
Very cute. Nicely made and color was as shown. For my granddaughter for Christmas.
I like these sunglasses so far. I have worn them only 2-3 times and they seem to fit my need, time will tell. The price was great and the shipping time was great also.
It is very small 😪
These shirts are amazing for the price. They are high quality and instantly in a closet full of $80+ polos I find that I grab for these more often now than any other. Have bought again and will continue. You have been told, look no further, THESE!
I've had mine for a few months now and I love it.
2nd order and very happy with these. clasps do not slip open@@
Something about the liner just does not fit right.
Nothing else to add.
This hat is that very light athletic material which is exactly what I was looking for. It says UPF 50 which is good if you’re looking for sun protection throughout outdoor activities. Like the dark color because it avoids staining of lighter hats if you sweat in it. Feels great. Lower profile though.
I had to give them to my wife and she love them. For me although they said that they were large they actually were not large enough
es muy comodo para llevar conmigo el teléfono y es bien liviano , Me gusta.
Great package offer. Fit was perfect
I love this purse! I had to order 4 other purses before ordering this purse. It's my favorite. The only thing that could be fix is the strap could be a little longer for yall woman but it is okay
Leather good and there is plenty of room for items. A+!
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