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Good stuff no more pulling up my pants
Product felt like decent quality. When removing the packaging and tag the belt split right at the seems by the buckle with an effortless pull. May not be a legit dickies belt. Product felt like it was glued together and not sewn.
great product.
This wallet replaces a Serman wallet my husband lost the money clip on. So far he likes it as well as the other wallet.
The length was perfect just below the beltline. The fit was accurate.
Good belt. Sturdy and great looking ( except for the small bar in the buckle that makes the ratchet) The area you have to trim off is clearly labeled and allows for stretching over time. I love the belt except for this defect. This is the 2nd belt to break in the exact same way.
Made well
Bought for wife and she loves them. She wears them for running and says they are much better than regular socks.
it's perfect! Well made & just the right size. It goes with everything & has lots of pockets.
Great Fit. Great price
Very Short for a guy working outdoors.
It looks and feels great.
Received my hat today. Opened the package the buttons on the side of the hat that allow it to fold up don't fit with each other. Upon inspection, the clasp that clicks down onto the button was damaged. The hat itself is also pretty snug.
Hubby LOVES THESE!!!!! True to size. Soft and comfortable from the start
Fits cleanly and holds tight
Nice looking watch, broke the first time worn. Don't waste your money!
Beautiful cap
In my extensive search for the perfect wallet I've found the winner.

I've searched through countless websites and stores to find a wallet that was minimal and functional. This wallet has it all:
- ultralight weight
- durable
- ideal dimensions
- zippered pocket
- slide pocket
- keyring

Perfect dimensions and capacity to fit some cash, my ID, a credit card in the zippered pocket. I can even slip the occasional loose change in the zippered pocket. The zippered pocket will accommodate approximately 1 inch thickness in folded bills and cards.

I use the slip pocket for credit cards, bank cards or membership cards that I only take on certain outings. Also useful for business cards or receipts. I try to keep the slip pocket empty. The design allows me to see when I have items in the slip pocket - reminding me to take them out when I am home.

I rarely use the keyring clip, however it is helpful when I need to clip my wallet to my car keys, belt buckle, internal jacket zipper, etc. The keyring clip provides extra security.

This is an idea wallet. All the features needed with no excess. I'll have to take the advice of another reviewer and stock up on these if they ever discontinue production. 5 star product hands down!
I've been Polo boxer briefs for a few years. The idea of boxer briefs is that that fit snugly, but not too tight. The Polo boxer briefs do that when you first put them on, but after a few hours, they become loose, like regular boxers shorts. I am 5' 11" and weigh 200 lbs. I bought these boxer briefs and find that they do the same thing. FTL sells a better boxer brief that is a three pack. These are of better quality and stay snug, but not too tight. More expensive but still a good buy.
Small, comfy
Fits perfect Extremely soft and comfortable
The wallet is a great size. It isn’t cumbersome and fits will in the pocket (depending on how many cards you have in it you could put it in your front pocket). There is only one thing. People have stated that it holds a standard driver’s license in the front window...Not so. I have a New York license which is quite a typical size. The edge of it hangs out, or rather, sticks out from the pocket. It’s not a deal breaker but I assumed my driver’s license wouldn’t have the edge hanging out. Why? Because it could taken out, stolen, quite easily. I will use this and just make sure to not have it out or unattended (who would do that anyway?). On the plus side it does make it easy to take your license out if you are arrested for driving like a crazy person or if you’re carded for buying a pack of smokes in Seattle...
Very well made wallet and excellent packaging. It arrived in a timely manner, very good product.
In 1 of 3 packs ALL the socks had holes in the toes area. Usually my husband loves these socks... I bought him 3 packs a few months ago to give for Christmas. And when he opened the one pack every single pair had holes near the toe part in different spots. It is strange. I am guessing it is the quality of the fabric used at the time. I am very disappointed. Even more so because It is too late to return them now. I suggest opening them as soon as you get them to make sure the quality is up to GOLD TOE normal standards. DO NOT WAIT like i did.
These are not a no show cut. very disappointing.
Love the bracelet, but the size runs small. It fits, just very hard to put on and take off.
great hat, wish it wasn't so fragile , I wish it was more pliable and not brittle.
Great quality great seller!
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