Dazzle Camouflage White Low Top Canvas Shoes|custom air force 1 low nike_customize af1 low

custom air force 1 low nike_customize af1 low

The masks came quickly and when I tested wearing the mask, the comfort was felt immediately. It will be great on rides with my wife on our trike and later next fall and winter. The covering of the ears is great too.
By them for life. Great socks.
Fit good
Great hoodie. Thick and made well. Fits exactly as expected. Would recommend.
Good stuff!
Was wonderful at first then the jewels fell out after not even a month. The whole reason I bought screw backs is because I wanted them to last.. but not with this cheaply made things.
I bought this purse for a trip to disney. I really wanted a large but not too large crossbody so that i could be hands free while still holding everyone’s stuff. I loved that all of the pockets gave me options to segregate different things in different spaces so hotel keys and tickets safe in the inside, maps here, wallet/phone there. I felt like it kept me organized because important things were never going to fall out when looking for something else
I was very excited to receive these Compression Socks so quick. Fast delivery for sure. 1 1/2 day delivery. My wife and I Tried them on right away and g th hey fit like a good Compression Sock should. Tight and felt perfect. With all new articles of clothing we always wash them which we did. Cool Tap water in our washer. A quick delicate cycle minimal detergent cold rinse. After washing the socks they went into Our dryer on delicate cycle which we use for very care necessarily clothing as always. Besides the socks were only damp from the washer. They were only in the dryer approx 12-15 minutes.
When they were taken out of the dryer I noticed they looked rather small. The socks we ordered was L/XL. I was shocked to see how much they shrunk!! They’re almost 1/2 the size as unwashed! I tried to stretch then to the original size with no luck. I looked on the original packaging and on the site for washing instructions and did see any. I read customer reviews and most say they treat the Socks like regular socks in the wash and it was fine. Ugh! Not so for us and even on delicate cycle and cool delicate dryer setting.
Now I have 8 pair of socks that would fit a 10 year old child. What did I do wrong and with no specific washing instructions either. Now I’m bummed out. I’m going to ask for a refund and order another different kind.
I bought this men’s hoodie as a women and love it! So cheap but keeps me warm and looks cute with a pair of leggings. Wanted a slightly oversized look so I bought a medium and usually wear a women’s s/m!
I love these socks! I was a little shocked to see the price is the same as at REI though.
Well . . . wore the first pair and yes they hide the fact that you're wearing a sock inside your dock shoes. Unfortunately, after an evening of wear, one sock had a tear at the big toe. Five pair to go!
Oh man these are so comfy. They're also not too thick so I can get my feets in my shooz.
A great replacement for the old one, along with the protection from identity theft!
Great for traveling and when you want to be hands free. Well made, asked if it was "designer" made 😊
The tote bag's layer is flexible, and thinner than a designer bag. It somewhat resembles a hobo tote bag. I am satisfued with the bag. It does have a true cow leather scent. There are two straps (different design and colors) included as shown in product description, and a large zipper pouch to put smaller size necessities in. Size of tote bag is perfect for work. I do not think I will return it.
I like they are light weight, if you are looking for a heavy weight extreme weather one this is not the one.
Just the right size love it.
Very warm and comfortable!
The waistband in the photograph is NOT the same as received.
I bought this for my wife and she loves it. She had a hard time for years finding a purse she likes. This one is rigid enough to stand on its own and roomy enough. The leather is beautiful and she gets lots of compliments on it.
Purchased these socks to help with pain in the arch of my foot and they work great. Highly recommend.
Great buy
Classy, cute, feminine, beautiful! Real rose stone beads, not plastic! Gorgeous on and I feel beautiful wearing it!
Comfortable, as expected.
Love it.
can't complain, its great!
The stones are not as shown on advertised picture
Excellent ear rings to choose for this price.
The glasses look really nice and are good quality. We are very pleased.
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