Owl All Over Print Cotton Backpack|dress shoes with vans_dress shoes with white soles

dress shoes with vans_dress shoes with white soles

Purchased in may, already wore through the bottom of one so far, haven't checked the others yet. Almost exclusively cold wash - air dried, so I took care of them. I'll admit to being a heavy guy, and I'm on my feet all day, but I've got several pairs of different socks that are older and have held up better.
Hold up well for work, function over fashion... a good buy
My husband loves this!
I absolutely love, love this bag! It has quickly become my favorite, actually I'm gonna order another one in a different color. I've had several friends ask where I got it, an they said they were gonna order one as well. It's so soft, an roomy, there's room for everything! I just can't say enough about this bag, I truly love it!
This belt is holding up well, although hard rubbing against equipment at work has rubbed off a portion of the black area on the buckle. A great upgrade to the $10 Walmart belts i have worn for years.
The lenses are to big. They are not proportional to your face. NOT RECCOMMENDED!
It looks good if you know how to wear it the only problem i have with it is how to adjust it. I always feel like one side has to be adjusted more and the other less and then it looks stupid. What i would criticize most is when you adjust it the fabric gets used up really fast.
These earrings were ALOT bigger then expected.
You can't beat an all leather wide belt. These are well constructed and make for a great appearance.
I thought these glasses looked good and the price was right but when I tried a pair on, they were way too small for my average sized face. They look to be kid sized glasses. Will return...
Working in a warehouse, it's perfect so I don't have to wear their bulky safety vests and it keeps you warm when by the dock doors.
Lovely to see watch’s that have hands, not digital. Good learning for children.
I like the material, it's good quality.
Quality of shirt is good, but size is a bit larger than the chart indicated.
Husband loves them. Definitely worth the price
The pocket for the pull out card space never fully retracted. I had to cut it out and just use it as it. Other than that it is fine.
Loved the socks! Very comfortable!
Soft, great fit.
It looks good for the first couple days until you do something with it one . It scratches very easily and bends. Not worth the money
Love this purse. For a small size purse it can carry everything you need
Buena calidad.
I'm not allergic to budget jewelry, so I always try to find the best deals when it comes to earrings. My daughter and
I are always losing our earrings, so this pack was a great option for us. I've lost some expensive earrings already, so I've decided to no longer buy anything expensive anymore since I am horrible with keeping track of my earrings--even when they're right on my ears!
I'll update this if I have any issues, but so far, my 4-year-old daughter loves these! Not to mention her younger sister seems to want some earrings for herself.
I like all the pockets and space. This is my second one but in a different color.
These jeans are the best, high quality, and super comfortable.
Bought these for my husband. He wanted a larger more comfortable feel. He normally wears 3x and the 4x is perfect for the fit he wanted. Good quality.
Good seller. Good product.
I really liked this purse. BUT the handle kept coming off. I finally gave up trying to fix it and ordered a different navy purse
Bought this to use during Mardi Gras for carrying cell phone and credit card. Perfect.
I carried 12 keys and the KeySmart Classic enabled me to eliminate the bulge in my pocket. Using my keys is now a simple operation. I found the video for installation to be helpful. I am very pleased with my purchase.
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