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basketball shoe designs_basketball shoes design

Very comfortable and dries very quickly
Great fit. Rim is perfect I had an emblem put on it added personal touch
These are my husband's favorite boxers among many brands- Hanes, Tommy Hilfiger, Kayizu, Izod. The waistband is very soft and stretchy without feeling too elasticy, which can make him sweat in hotter weather. The short material is super soft, a little clingy without being fitted, not too tight, a little longer than the standard short boxer short. These wash well and the quality holds up over time. David Bitton, please never stop making these.
Really hold the goods in place. Secure but not too tight.
I love it! It’s great for a diaper bag.
Great quality! Quick delivery
These are some great sunglasses the quality and craftsmanship is better than I expected. To be honest these sunglasses could have been price higher then they are. I've received a great deal of compliments on my Shades.
I ordered this item for my daughter and it was extremely big and I didn’t like the quality.
Paid 10.99 for 6 pack. Great value buy. There’s a bit of shrinkage after wash. I use it as a top layer for work in a kitchen. Definitely not premium and not a great undershirt. Don’t expect them to last too long either, lint sheds like crazy in the dryer. Good throw away shirts.
Good shape but fades quickly.
We love it!
A little short above knees. Smartphone pocket was perfect, even for iPhone 7+
This purse is the perfect size! I am so happy with the look and quality. LOVE IT!
X large size. I will try to wear only these the rest of my life. Need to keep them out of the dryer as they shrink a little.
I am very happy to bought this sweatshirt because thick material and had fleece inside the sweatshirt to keep you warm.
Great collar for my dog
The hat is embroidered. Very nice quality. My dad loved it!! I would definitely buy from this seller again.
I bought a pair for myself and my brother-in-law. I ended up throwing away all of my crappy plastic collar stays in favor of these... just 3 sets is all you need! I actually just use the longest collar stays in this set of three - so if they sell a set with just those 3 long collar stays, but those instead.

One minor issue is that on thick cotton shirts, the magnets aren't as powerful, and become loose. I was at a party the other night, and after putting my jacket on, one of the magnets fell into my shirt (luckily I recovered it). So, just be careful... but overall I'd highly recommend these. They make a great gift!
easy to slip on around the house and to run errands quickly. Nice and warm
I LOVE these purses. And I love that they offer them in a ton of different colors! They are roomy and bigger than I expected! Great price!
all that i can say is it is great !!!
These sunglasses are great! Can’t beat the price, too!!
is to small i returning
Awesome jacket! You wont be disappointed.
Was exactly as described!
Can’t go wrong with socks!
These shades are awesome! They fit great and look cool. The polarized lenses are just what I was looking for. Shipping was super fast too!
Yes !
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