Tropical Nature Print Women's High Waisted Briefs|diy glitter shoes tutorial_diy golf shoes

diy glitter shoes tutorial_diy golf shoes

Lovely feel to the fabric, good fit and looks understated. Also keeps you nice and toasty. Highly recommended.
This is amazing
I have only had it a few weeks and it has came unsewed in the credit card lining the wallet I like but craftsmanship on this one has failed
Sunny's work great. Fit and finish is excellent. The lenses are quite dark. This can be good and bad. Lenses scratched after 3 weeks.
The sizes are off, they are bigger that what you expect. Carthart is now using a regular fit classification that makes the sizes bigger than what you will get, I order a medium which feels like a large. I purchased one medium last dec and they fit is night and day, they one in dec fit right but the new one i got was too big i notice the new one says regular fit and the old one doesn’t
Calvin Klein Men's underwear has returned somewhat to their original quality. Thirty years ago Calvin Klein put out Men's briefs that were perfectly sized, had nice thick, long lasting fabric and construction. In the years after that, the quality decreased gradually to the point that they didn't hold their shape, and seams didn't hold well. Recently I tried them again and was surprised to find they are much improved again. Maybe not quite to the original briefs level, but they are really nice again and I can recommend them.
Is the second time i buy this cap, looks perfect and high quality
There are not words for the awesomeness that is these sunglasses. This is my fourth pair. Dog ate the first pair. I had the second pair for seven years and the got a scratch right where you look. I shattered the third pair (two weeks after getting them) when the dogs tripped me and my face bounced off the pavement. I seriously need to rethink the dogs. Ha! Now on this pair and I would buy ten more to last me the rest of my life if I could afford it, for fear they will stop making this design. Love!
great one, recommend it.

Edit: This sun glass looks perfect , very cool, but there is one downside, i.e. it is a little bit heavy. After a while , it feels a little bit uncomfortable.
Size fits me perfect for my size. Shirt breathes pretty good and dries up very fast after workout.
Had a hole on the stitching when I opened the package and has a slight chemical smell to it : (
Very good quality
The socks have performed well after two wearings and washings. I do wish that they were a bit thicker, but that is simply a preference. They feel good and serve their intended purpose.
Shirt size ran a bit larger. But I guess better than smaller.
Love it
The wallet looks and feels great, and looks exactly like the product photos, but when my bf tries to get his credit cards out of the card slots, it's extremely hard to pull them out. You have to awkwardly stand there and struggle for several seconds to pay anything.

Perhaps with more use the folds of the wallet will loosen and sliding the cards in and out will be easier, but as of now the material is a struggle.
Great pair of pajama pants, the flannel version is a bit thicker then cotton version from this manufacturer(still 100% cotton) and still cheaper/ better looking than what you get at wal-mart.
The was cheaper feeling and smaller than i expected
Me gustan es lo que estaba buscando en unos lentes estilo
Love everything about it 100% happy !!
Great glasses for the price
I look like drosophila in these
I'm going to be doing a gothic halloween look this year just to change it up. Thought I would get started early and got this. This arrived very quickly and I was blown away by the quality. It is very nice, not cheaply made. The spikes look wicked, but luckily in this case looks can be deceiving for these look sharp but are NOT sharp which is a huge plus and what my biggest concern was when I ordered it. I love how it is very easily adjustable, no second person needed for adjustments. Fits very snug, secure, and comfortably. Won't be a problem at all wearing these all day. I have a relative that is into the gothic style of wear and will give this as a gift to her after I'm done with it. I know she will love these, they are just her style. The chains are very secure on here, however if for whatever reason you didn't want them it appears it wouldn't be to hard to remove them without damaging the necklace. You would just need some needle nose pliers that you may have around the house, or anyone with a jewlery kit would be able to assist you. I don't want them removed at all though, I think they look great. (I was just suggesting if you merely want a choke spike collar it is possible with this) The chains are not heavy at all or bothersome. Again, won't be a problem with wearing these all night or in general. I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase, it was just what I wanted and needed. The quality was great, shipping was at a lightning speed. I'd highly recommend them. Blessed I got the opportunity to receive this at a discount cost in exchange I provide an honest review, hope it helps!
My favorite all time bag
She loves it! Thank you!
I guess if I'm going to have to wear a mask at work I might as well have fun with it. The ones that go behind my ears with the little straps are painful. This one is pretty comfortable
Love this wallet I have now bought three of them one for my husband and two of my sons
Super comfortable! Long lasting.
I purchased this for my husband for his Halloween Pharaoh costume which came with a cheap paper pendant. The pendant is large and heavy. I purchased a longer chain for it separately. It looked really great with his costume.
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