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designer black and white oxford shoes_designer black brogue shoes

I just love this! If only i can five 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
The wallet arrived in time for Christmas and my daughter loves it.
Great socks
Good quality, comes with cleaner, fabric case, and glasses screw driver. Overall, happy with the purchase!
Good quality socks!
Love this bag
Great shirts for the price, would recommend!
What a resilient tote! I don’t carry a purse much for the day-by-day things. I end up with too many things I need to take with me & I want something that looks really nice, yet holds everything. This is it.
I have totes, lots of them, but they tend to look casual & too craft-fair. That’s probably one of the main things I like about this one. It looks dressy with the gray polyester twill exterior & the pretty floral fabric lining.

I can load it with all the essentials I need for my carry-on when flying. I was using a black canvas bag—quite casual with the company logo stitched on it. It looked masculine & didn’t project the look I wanted when going into meetings.

I was concerned about sliding this under the seat when flying but the fabric cleans up by spot-cleaning with a gentle detergent then rinsing & drying flat. It’s water-repellent quilted fabric so it isn’t going to absorb much gunk very easily. The strap is 12½” long & the bag is 12” H x 17” W.

The exterior has several pockets, one that has a regular zippered closure. One really great feature is a pocket that zips open from the bottom to reveal a trolley sleeve so it can be slipped over the handle of rolling luggage. Love that I don’t have to use the shoulder strap to try to jockey it around the handle on my luggage. If not needed for traveling, it can be zipped closed to use as a regular pocket, although it’ll have an open top.

It holds the essentials: my Chromebook, Kindle, medication, makeup, cell phone, ID, cards & money. There’s still room for the minutiae we need—tissues, makeup, keys, snacks, etc. As the interior has been divided into three parts, my Chromebook can go in the middle compartment where a Velcro strap secures the top to keep it from sliding out. That leaves another layer of quilting on each side, cushioning the computer even further.

What I don’t like about this tote is that the main zipper doesn’t totally go to the ends on both sides so I’m a little concerned that if I forget & add something small, like a lipstick, it will slip out as the bag lays on it’s side under the airplane seat. And I would like more of the pockets to have zippers, for the same reason. It’s fine without them under normal conditions but this will be under the seat in front of me on the plane & it’s too easy to loose things with the jostling during turbulence or hurrying to grab it to disembark. This is the only reason I’ve taken off one star.

Other than that, I love this bag & recommend it. Just plan to have a makeup bag or zip lock bag for small things if using it when it’ll be on its side.
Love this necklace. Love aromatherapy and Mickey so it is a win win
My son wear this shirt under his uniform
Like it a lot. I've actually started putting this wallet in my front pocket, which is saying something. My only advice is to pare down how many cards you're carrying, because the elastic is relatively strong, so if you stuff in a lot of cards you'll have some difficulty separating the cards when you need to pull one out. I currently carry 8 and it seems a bit much. At 6 with a bit of cash, this thing is perfect.

Comfortable, quick, no-bullshit. Just how I like it!
Exactly what I expected, but this is what I was already using, I just needed replacements for old ones. Would not mess with any other brand.
Gifts for xmas.
Granddaughter loved them. Cute and well made
Perfect for running. It's not too tight as to make breathing impossible but it's not too loose to where it's falling off your face.
Great fit because it's adjustable. Fits perfectly and it breathes. It comes in really handy when out running. I've actually had people on my run ask me where I got my cap. So many choices in colors that I had to buy most of them. Just the right size brim too
These are nice general purpose sports socks. They are advertised as "no show", but they stick out about 1.5 inches above the top of my sneakers. That is fine with me. I like socks that protect my ankles from rubbing against the collar of the shoe.

These socks are well made with a thinner more breathable knit on the top and a thicker padded sole, which is great for high-impact sports. Stretch knit around the arch gives you some support as well as keeping the sock in place as you move around. Poly fabric wicks sweat away and dries much more quickly than cotton socks. Also, these don't bunch up after several hours of use like cotton socks often do.

The socks are marked for your left and right foot and they do fit more comfortably if you put the correct one on each feet. Hopefully, the washing machine won't eat these.

The socks are labeled unisex adult size. I wear a men's size 9 and the size large socks fit me well. If your feet are much larger, they may be very snug on you. Average sized women will probably want the size medium socks. Photo of the size chart is attached.

List price for this 3-pack is $18, which I think is kind of expensive for this quality level, but I see that Amazon is selling them for $9 for 3 pairs, which is a 5 star price to me.
Meh...they pill after ONE wash. With bleach. With only whites. Not impressed.
It is beautiful so soft. Very pleased with the purse. I will purchase more I am sure.
The plastic top was broken and it was missing a bottle. It had only one seaweed decor....not happy with this look!
Excellent price good quality Beautyful packaging
After wearing for a week, bought extras for myself and 2 sons. Great for lounging around and sleeping.
the only boxers i will wear
The sunglasses are stylish and does what it promises. It is amazing how clear a night or cloudy day could become with these glasses. It takes some getting used to the tight grip on your nose and ears!
Love Vera Bradley purses. This is my 3rd one! I love the fabrics and the color choices. I prefer cloth straps as they don't slide off my shoulder. I will probably buy more!
Just fine.
The purse is actually pretty good my girlfriend's trying to use it now
I am 5'4" and always a small. Bought this in small, and it feels like a child's size. Should probably size up.
This bag is exactly as expected from a $15 tote. I purchased it to take to work.
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