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mens custom nike air force 1_custom air force low

I like that these are vented so that the toothbrush can dry when you’re packing it to leave first thing in the morning. However, I find there is still enough wiggle room around the toothbrush head (I have an electric toothbrush) that it easily moves when packed and can still smash the bristles.
Great product fit
Very happy with the purse, gift for my daughter. She loves the purse.
Love this bag- it’s such a cute color and inside material is cute as well- very spacious! I keep my large wallet, check book, phone, keys, and other smaller necessities in it and still have room.
Great slim wallet, the only bad thing is sometimes I think I don't have it on me😄
I love the size and color! I use it to hold my notebooks and laptop. I try not to put my text books in there i feel like that’s over doing it especially since the straps are thinner than i expected. Other than that it’s great i get tons of compliments!
Perfectly expected👌
Get TWO sizes bigger than you need. It shrinks a little. They also “ride up” on you.
Quality is good but it has close to zero elasticity and hard to fit over your head. Material does not stretch much. Maybe my head is just too big :(
I own these in a solid color and now the US flag pattern.
The solid is a very “silky” nylon fabric, glorious on the skin.
The flag is a noticeably thicker polyester. Probably more enchanting to onlookers, because America, but not a free feeling. Also holds some water if using them to swim.
In reality it’s not that big of a difference, but because I own both I do notice.
My solid color pair was made in El Salvador, the red white and blue ones: USA!
Great wallet. Easily holds enough cards. All of your ID and cash as well.
Got these for my husband to replace old Reebok pair, he loves them. Heavier than Reebok and 1/2 the price.
Excellent. I'll be ordering more soon!
Not made correctly. Horrible smell to product.
Nice shirt
Good fit
Way bigger than expected. The band is terrible. I had $9 in there and it stayed in my pocket when I took the wallet out. This cant be trusted. I threw it in the garbage and accepted my $35 loss.
I order these sunglasses for me and my husband took them for him. He’s getting a lot of compliments about the glasses and people don’t believe the price. Is like my 8 pair of glasses from Sojos. I’m always order from them because the styles and good quality.
My boyfriend loved the ones I had gotten him last year, so I bought more of the same. In the California sun, you need the protection and light weight material! He uses them to work in the yard, and the hood works with any hat, or his chainsaw helmet. I would use them too, if I could help much in the yard. He thinks they are expensive, but if it keeps you from getting skin cancer, and helps keep you cooler/drier....WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!
The pins were really nice, the only negative is I did order two silver pins and when they came one was silver and the other was gold (which is okay, I just did not expect it). The pins were manufactured well and I cannot wait to wear them on my suit.
Super slim yet holds my 5 cards and some other items as well!
Previously used a clip to hold my cards and cash together. This is far better!! (Though a bit on the heavy side....)
The rubber on the back of the heal helps the socks fit correctly and they stay on throughout the day without sliding down
Was looking for some of these on the smaller end. These look nice in my ear. I've been wearing them for a week - even showering in them and all is fine.
If your considering this bag- order it ! You won’t be disappointed perfect bag for everyone. Moms, students, etc !
These are worthless as socks. I have size 12.75 feet. I purchased size 11 to 13 socks. They fit great. They are pretty soft. They were comfortable. They removed themselves from my feet in bed, when walking in just socks and when walking in two different tennis shoes. So their failure as socks for wearing is as complete as I’ve ever encountered. I purchased six pairs of Puma socks at a flea market for a little bit less. They are not as soft. They are a little tighter. They are not as comfortable. They stay on my feet in bed, when walking in just socks around the house and in three different tennis shoes. UA needs to hire Puma’s designer.
They provide everything I could ask for, glass lenses (not plastic), polarized, adjust to light, metal frames, and I like the color.
Great wallet should’ve bought years ago. Love it.
Awesome purse and the color is great for everything. I can wear it with black or with my browns and earth tones.
Definitely will keep you warm..i was working in 20 below 0 in Michigan this winter the wind was at 30 miles a hour l put this on and I was so happy I bought it. use it for the first time that day saved my butt ..its now part of my super out of your mind cold survival gear
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