Green and orange design Kids Snow Boots|basketball shoe design_native design basketball

basketball shoe design_native design basketball

Finally! It's impossible for us to find good old warm up pants around here. These are 1)plenty hefty for cold PA dog walks; 2) are NOT baggy and 3) don't have that irritating bottom elastic at the ankles. They're great!
Nice quality
Great product
These are my favorite ankle socks. They are soft, not too thick or thin and never slip off my foot like others do. I’m a size 9.5 women’s sneaker and boot.
I think the glasses are top notch except they have one fatal flaw, the lenses are not glass and scratch too easily. Purchased mine a week ago and 1 lens is already noticeably scratched. I assumed they were glass lenses based on the price tag and brand!!
Pretty piece of jewelry. Good quality. Paid a little over 30 bucks for it. No regrets
I got this for my Dad as he was in desperate need of a new wallet. He loves to carry a ton of business cards around and this fit them all. Great quality.
As advertised, light weight very good quality.
Very Nice
This is a beautiful ring, I absolutely love it.
I love the color of the bag and the quality of the leather. The only thing I didn't realize is that it is really collapsible and therefore does not stand up on its own well.
This is a gift to my Mom on Mother's Day. She collects elephants and I try to get her some type of elephant on special days. She loved this it has a Momma and baby and this is so fitting. Thank you for offering such nice gifts at an affordable price.
Great gloves overall. Own multiple pairs, and will continue to buy them. So far they been durable and comfortable. this last pair though a little off - index finger is too tight and pinky is little too loose. Seems sizing is just a little off - hopefully just a batch.

The material is not soft, probably 100 percent synthetic, overall not bad but I will probably order something different next time.
Good belt, as described in the ad. The only drawback I have noticed I’d that it tends to loosen up during the day.
Looks nice, holds what I want!
The sizing is way off on these. They were very big!!!
49% Cotton- not 80%! Too synthetic- don't absorb!
Ordered in 3XLT, Shirts were thick and the length was goox but they were skin tight. Maybe they are supposed to be extra tight as an undershirt but these are not the "beefy" t's I remember. Will use as undershirt or return.
Nice hat. Comfy fit. Fast shipping. Would buy again. Thanks.
I ordered this because I was looking for a working cap that (1) had no messages or logos, (2) fit my head, and (3) was made of cotton rather than synthetics. This seemed to be the best of what was available, and it didn't disappoint. If fits well, and is solid and sturdy -- looks like it can take some hard use. A plus for me, the adjustment at the back is a solid strap, not one of those cheap plastic tabs that never works for long.
They are absolutely beautiful. My mom loves them
I liked the bag, quality was fine. The blue looked too much like denim for me to keep it. That was not the look I was going for.
Quick transaction. Fits her great
Well made, comfortable and reasonably priced.
I bought three in this pack, and I will give 5 stars to all three. Maybe like 4 stars to the red one cuz I don't like that color as much as black or blue. But these things to a great job of being carried in my pocket, and then dancing when I put a little boogie in them. One of my essentials to my pants, wallet, phone, keys, hanky. Get em you'll be happy.
Unfortunately, this will make no difference, but be careful with these ones! They shrank like crazy after the first wash and were already tight to begin with. No stretch or give in these. Even after carefully washing and air drying the first time, the next time through the full cycle they shrank. I've never worn a 34, but I knew these twill ones are tight, so I went for it. Guess I'll lose what little weight I have?
Good for the price
These are true Polarized Ray-Bans. The price on Amazon is much cheaper than you will likely find in stores and the quality seems identical. The glasses say made in Italy as advertised. You can't beat the "classic Wayfarer look" and there is a noticeable difference in lens quality between these and cheap knock-offs. The polarized lenses are meant to block the sun as well as the glare from water and other reflective surfaces - they do exactly so. They also provide a lovely sepia tint. My main gripes with these glasses are the branding and the acetate material. I realize that the branding is half the reason that some people wear Ray-Bans but I feel that a logo ETCHED INTO THE LENS is a bit obnoxious. It's not a big deal but you can definitely see the tiny blur from it while wearing them. The frame itself seems durable but I wish that I had bought the coated type because the acetate plastic scratches easily. The scratches are small and hardly visible but in the right light, you will find the frames COVERED in small scratches.
great watch for kids
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