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converse shoes with flowers_converse shoes with flames

Love these shades! The brown was hard to find in stores but I’m so happy I ordered them.

I brought them to Sunglasses Hut to get fitted to face and have gotten nonstop compliments. BUY THEM!
These do not fit. Uncomfortable.
Using same brand for years. Excellent product.
Nice comfortable socks that actually fit my big calves... but they're paper-thin, so don't expect any cushion whatsoever
The material shrinks really bad.
My wife uses it and it fits in her jeans' tiny front pockets which she previous considered non-usable.
Simple design, nothing fancy, but the leather is great and the red color is rich and nice. The strap could be a bit thicker.
Good if you go shopping and need just your wallet and a phone.
it is a nice heavy weight quality t shirt with a pocket. Hard to find more than one white t shirt in a package. Also, they are not those cheap see through t shirts that fall apart. They wash nicely, may need to use an iron on it. They are 100% cotton.
Looks exactly as the picture. Had read reviews regarding the smell of the bag and yes there is a bit of a strong smell upon opening but that’s from storage and it does dissipate with multiple wears. The leather is soft and the chain doesn’t look cheap. I was glad I purchased this and would definitely recommend.
One of my husbands fathers day gift. Nice gift that was needed. Appears to be durable. My husband loved it
For small wrists, luckily we three have small wrists. Love the bracelets!
Perfect fit great quality
I ordered this bag after looking at tons of pics of people with one. I am go happy that I did. I ordered the small but will be getting the large also. The small is a good size with enough room for a small wallet, a cell phone, and maybe some sunglasses or something. I wouldn't try to cram too much stuff as the wood does not give any. Mine did come with a little scarf like piece to tie onto the bag. Overall well crafted and will be ordering the large soon. Highly recommend.
Very satisfied
Great quality, just as described, and a perfect fit for a child. I needed to add a lot of "bling", and the ball caps available in the craft store were too flimsy. This hat worked out beautifully!
Too soon to tell for sure, but seems like a good comfortable belt. Bought it to replace my old leather belt that was falling apart. Appears to be better quality and more comfortable then the one its replacing.
Used for a bridesmaid proposal!! Such a great price and adorable pieces! Want one for myself to match my girls! Put them in a pox with other goodies!
Work as intended
A pair of earrings were missing and the backs came off of some easily.
Great work shirts
I ordered "British Khaki Twill" because the color in the stock photo is what my son needs for work. When I received the shorts today and opened them, I was shocked to see what looks like a shade of green. They look nothing like the stock photo. Not happy.
I purchased these for my son-in-law and he absolutely loves them. He had never worn cargo shorts before he moved to North Carolina last year for law school and he was an instant convert. He used the first pair so often he wore a hole in the back pocket where he keeps his wallet. I just purchased him two more pairs for his birthday and he was thrilled. Excellent purchase.
Bought as a gift for my son.
So far he is well pleased.
The pants that I received are good expect for one thing. At the bottom of the legs were the elastic part is, is all stretched out so instead of staying around my ankles they end up under my feet. Other then that it's still not a bad product and keeps me warm
These are awesome glasses. I drive nights through a canyon and the glare of the oncoming vehicle lights was bad. I heard about these glasses from a friend who paid considerably more for a different brand. I was still skeptical about how well they would work and didn't want to shell out a lot if they didn't work. To my amazement, these glasses are awesome. The glare was gone and it was much easier to see during night driving. These are lightweight and have not irritated my head like other pairs of sunglasses I have owned. That's not to be confused with cheap construction. The do feel solid, not to the point that they could survive being sat upon, but flimsy and cheap either. If you are in the market for a pair of these, give these a shot.
Great fit
Product claimed to have "pill" reducing performance but even after washing before wearing I have never, ever had so many "pills". Secondly, the hoodie fits so poorly all bunched up behind my head that I feel as if my head is being pushed forward. I have tugged and pulled but it stays the same. Finally, "Heavy Blend"? No way.
I would buy these again.
They don't look like the picture
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