Vintage newspaper and font and color blocks and geometry All Over Print Cotton Backpack|custom painted nike air force 1_custom air force 1 painted

custom painted nike air force 1_custom air force 1 painted

I purchased these to be like a pair of Oakley's that I had years ago and let me just say that I get complements on the golf course as well as anywhere else I am, they are comfortable and I can wear them out too!!!
I'm not sure what happened. I've ordered this exact item about 6 months ago, and they were a perfect fit. The pack I ordered just a few weeks ago, looks and feels smaller, definitely fits smaller/tighter, and also seems like it's a thinner/cheaper cloth.

Previous pack would have gotten 4 stars. Very serviceable, good price, but not like super-premium underwear. Current pack I ordered, 2 stars. I initially double-checked to make sure I didn't get the wrong size - but even the printing on every single pair matches.
My husband loooves this wallet so far. It's perfect for someone who wants a more slim, minimalist wallet.
These are a great price. And work for woman!!
decent socks, but don't expect them to last too long.
These are the best men's shorts out there. Good look and good fit.
Wore these around the house for one day, huge hole in the side seam already, also INCREDIBLY transparent, even with the liner.
I have a watch that is designed to be attached to a belt loop and may then be read simply by looking down. Some of my pants have longer belt loop than the watch can handle. This product allows me to clip the watch to my belt so it is always in a place where I can see the watch.
Love it
These glasses came bent with a very cheap frame. After bending them back, I was able to use them but ended up looking like erkel during the process. The best part of these glasses is the cheap case that they came in, which probably was more expensive than the cheap pieces of wire that they tried to call polarized sunglasses. The frames are painted, not polarized, and they came pre-broken. Save your money and just buy glasses elsewhere.

Edit: The seller had me take down my original review in return for a refund but I did not receive a refund, so here are my original thoughts again.
I gave it as a gift, but they said it was a little too small for them... But I though it was really cute...
Good low quality shorts
Slim attractive and awesome
Nice hat
Three sets of boxer with a simple design and color.
It is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
easy to wash and no soft material and good stitching as well.
The elastic band on the waist is not too tight and I liked it.
Love those shades, sunglasses fit me very well
They are okay just not real tight
I love the look of these. just a little bit small for my great big head, so they are a bit tight. Otherwise I love them
Great price. Good color and the ties feels silky. The main thing the ties will be used for is Christmas pictures and so I do not anticipate testing how well they will hold up over time.
I bought the blue and brown and the black and brown. Great Quality!!! Very nice and thick.
I’ve always liked the Hanes brand. These were better than expected. I love the mesh fabric, the quality and the fit. Very supportive.
I was pleased with the quality of this design. It appears well crafted, as does the chain, and will make the perfect gift for my daughter.
great buy fast ship
This is my 1st time buying the gold toe and I will buy more for sure. Not only are they a perfect fit but there a very high quality product.
Great product, would recommend
Well made, sewn well. Good solid cotton fabric. Cute designs and patterns—comfortable waistband. 10 year old loves them. Average fit. I have a small/narrow waisted 10 year old, and size “large” is too big on her, but she’ll grow into them. I think medium would fit her well now.
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