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I really like these glasses. I just received them a couple of days ago and they look just like they do in the picture. I don't like real dark glasses so these were perfect. The only problem I have is that I have not been able to check them out while driving because my husband borrowed them while driving and he won't give them back so I plan to order another pair four myself.
these pants are easy to care for, hard to wrinkle and look nice.
like i said i just don't understand why the small belt loops so I have to go and buy new belts to fit these pants.
color fades quickly. Bummer.
the inside of the waist band is white and can be seen when a shirt is tucked in and makes the pants look cheap and unprofessional. I use a sharpie to try to darken it but need to reapply every few washes cause it fades.
Good quality
Loved the color and size. Lots of room for everything. The bag had an unpleasant smell. Had an aroma of fish. After 2 weeks the strap broke on me.
What happen to the Gold Toe brand. This socks are horrible. I have been buying these socks for many years. They are still as expensive as before, but quality is horrible. They use to be nice and plush. Now they are very thin, like Hanes or fruit of the loom.
Heavy material and well made.
I love this purse. Fits my expectations
The one issue I’ve had is it’s stiffness. Especially the small handles
They tend to stand up in the way of the zipper . Which is aggravating
Great quality but extremely big in size.
My son likes it a lot.
Got these for my husband and he loves them. Great look and fit. Will buy again.
This product is already fraying and have only worn a few times and the belt loop already rip.

Not happy at all with this purchase
Purchased this as a Mother's Day gift and it was much appreciated.
Loved the quality and it fits perfectly. Medium size for size 31-32, I thought the size may not fit but to my surprise they fit perfectly. 5 stars ⭐️
Good product
Very comfortable to use and quite secure.
Having different zippered sections was very helpful. The shoulder strap
fits nicely in front of the body.
great. and it works too. got to open my wallet to clock in and out of work now..lol
Best price for quality product from a great seller!!!!!
Not what I expected
I'm a cool kid now.
This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous! It looks very dainty, yet elegant. Nobody will ever guess you paid such a low price for a beautiful bracelet. I'm very happy with my purchase. If my wrist turns green, I will update my review. If I have not updated my review, it means the bracelet is still going strong with no green wrist. I believe you will be very happy with this adjustable bracelet.
I love my wallet & looking to keep using until I need a new one 😘❤
Love them
My every day go to work bag.
These are little slip-on "peds" as we called them as kids - they look tiny once you wash them. The trick is to fit them as closely as you can to the profile of the shoe. I wear Converse Chuck Taylors all the time - I have around 20 pair in different colors and configurations. The low cut exposes most of the sock when worn in a standard way - to get these socks to show minimally you fit over the front of your foot and just barely pull enough to cover about an inch of your heel. You then snug up the part over your arch. The trick is to keep most of the rest of the sock down under your foot as possible.

I wrote "minimally" as some of the sock will usually show. I choose the black color as it blends in the best, but there's frequently a line around the top edge. As noted, Chuck Taylors are way low cut so for most shoes and sneakers this wouldn't be a problem. The heal of the sock has three bands of rubberized (RTV?) plastic that sticks to your skin, to prevent the sock from moving around - this is critical as most socks tend to roll off your feet as you wear them, especially in casual shoes. Thus far these no-show socks have performed well.
Absolutely beautiful pendant. Might get a new chain but the pendant is thick and pretty decent weight.
I like this. Hope it will last for >1 years.
I've had this purse almost 6 months now. I was hesitant to buy because of the reviews about the smell, but mine had none when it arrived and has been extremely durable with regular use. Zippers are holding u ppl well, tassles look fantastic still.
This bag is beautiful!!!!! Well worth the purchase
I like this item
Good price

.No problems.
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