Chinese dragon Drawstring Bags|converse shoes with writing on them_converse shoes with wedding dress

converse shoes with writing on them_converse shoes with wedding dress

He wears it proudly and he's from England!
Excelente producto
Not same assortment shown in stock photo, FYI. Still functional and cute. Same size and elastic shape and fabric type as Fruit of the Looms I bought. If you like one you'll like the other, too...size as expected. Good price!
Bag is so very soft - almost too soft but comfortable and casual. Like it.
Super cute!
They're too thick
These earrings are absolutely adorable. Very good quality and vibrant colors. I love the screw back since my daughter has a problem losing earrings.
Nice purse, but not a lot of room inside, & quite true to measurements.
perfect length for my running. very comfortable.
Product color ordered was not what arrived. Being a gift I now need to return and reorder. Not a huge deal but a not so great experience either.
Waist and length is good, hips are extremely oversized - very unattractive unless you have an oversized sweatshirt covering below your butt. Pants arrived ripped down the inner leg seam - fixable but disappointing.
Love them!
Love itโ€™s perfect for the front pocket and perfectly slender ๐Ÿ˜Š
Perfect fot
A good belt i have 4of them and love them. They make going poo easyer.
This bandanna mask is really great, the ear slot's make it really nice. You don't have to worry about when you're talking to somebody the mask trying to pull down off. Face. So for now with the COVID-19. Virus.
Now, and then later. They would have protection for the winter time. Noses and cheeks from getting cold. And maybe you're doing a job where does a lot of dust flying. Clean up for something. This will definitely help you. I would definitely recommend this to anybody for any of these reasons.
These are first pair of running socks. Wasn't sure which ones to buy so based it on Amazon reviews and am glad I did. I don't actually run yet, but do a lot of brisk walking with brief jogging since I need to get into shape before actually attempting to run. I Paired these with Saucony running shoes and the shin splints and soreness in my feet are gone.

I am a true size 8.5 Women's and these fit perfectly- the heel is where the heel is supposed to be so there is no bunching inside the shoe. I did buy a size 9 shoe (also online) and the padding from these socks help them to fit perfectly, although I can easily wear these with a pair of my regular sports shoes (size 8.5).

The padded roll is wonderful so the shoe doesn't rub your skin above the heel. And they are breathable on top so your feet don't feel like they are suffocating.

I'm ordering two more pair. They arrived very well packaged and on time.
Good, but not really good for driving, you'll see too much of a mirror in your peripheral and it's distracting. Also there's a pair of these at the bottom of the ocean somewhere now. So sad.
Nice wallet for the $$
I had one pair when I moved to Colorado and wanted to prepare for the winter with additional thermals. Glad I did. These fit well. I'm 6" 155#
Roomy, nice everyday bag that has enough room to fit all your stuff. I love their other products and I must say I wasn't disappointed.
I wanted a small billfold for vacation and this is perfect!
Cute earrings, but the crystals started falling out in about a week. They were not as nice after that. My daughter also got an infection in one ear. Being that it was only in one ear, it may not be due to the earrings. She had only had her ears pierced for about 6 weeks, and this was the first pair of earrings once we were able to remove the starter pair. Would not buy again.
Wife loved them
on time as expected will buy again
They are sized ok but material thin. Not worth it.
This has been another valuable tool in my weight loss journey. I started with just walking and waz able to transition to a gym in a year. I can't murder the workouts without these. The keep my feer tingle and pain free during and after my work outs.
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