Soft Romance White Kids Slip On Shoes|custom puma basketball shoes_custom pink basketball shoes

custom puma basketball shoes_custom pink basketball shoes

Very good quality
Sizing is prefect would buy again and again
These hold up better wash after wash. Worn daily under work shirts. Much better than the Hanes crap I used to buy at superwally.
Very nice jean, but the fitting is way off compared to other 501s... feels too tight. That "stretch" condition on this one makes it a problem.
These socks are nice. They are very light weight and kinda thin, but in no way are they weak or going to tear easily or get holes in the toes. They are durable, just not really thick. But they are super soft and breathable. They fit well. Would highly recommend them!
i gave it away it was way to big
if i could choose again i wouldn't have ordered this particular color... other than that they're GREAT!
Exactly what I wanted
This is a replacement for the exact same belt I bought at a Dockers outlet store many years ago. It seems somewhat lesser quality than my original one, but it's still very nice and can be used for both recreational and moderately dressy wear. Unfortunately, I can't be quite sure about the product because I received the wrong size. Apparently someone thought 38mm meant a size 38, which is not what I ordered. So now the typical send-it-back-and-hope routine that's typical of online shopping.
They're underwear!
nicely constructed, nice fabric
These are my husband's favorite go-to shorts. He wears them lounging around the house, to work and even out to casual events. They're well-made & stylish too!!!
Too thick for me
The briefs fitted fine - this time.

Some months ago I placed the same order. I have to throw three away because the left leg hole were large and not wearable. I had to throw those out.
I like soft leather and this wasn't soft.
After having this watch for less than 48 hrs it is broken. My 1st grade daughter dutifully took off the watch to wash her hands so the band wouldn't get wet and in turn get her shirt wet. When putting it on, she dropped it from 1st grader waist-height on the tiled floor of the school bathroom and the glass - as in REAL GLASS - broke.

Then there's the nasty scratch on her thumb from picking it up. And the ruined favorite "Frozen / Olaf" shirt that now has a blood stain on it. And the phone call from the school. And the incident report the school had to complete and I had to sign.

Who in their right mind would manufacture or market a CHILD'S WATCH and use REAL, BREAKABLE, SHARP GLASS ???

This feature (or flaw) needs to be prominently displayed in the product description.


Last thing I want to mention... nearly all of the five star reviews seem to be based on "I'm sure she will love it" or something similar.

People: please, Please PLEASE do not review functional products (versus decorative) until you've actually used them or seen them use. You may be doing your fellow buyers a great disservice rating a products usability based on how it looks in a box.

If you have found this review helpful please click the "Yes" button below. That will help others sift through the reviews based on how something looks as opposed to how it actually works.
Overall a great belt, light, good fit, stylish enough, and so far durable. My only complaint it the buckle does hit me a little more than something slimmer or smaller but that might be my more generous belly.
Love love love love love it will buy again
Easy to breath and very affordable👍🏻👍🏻
To protect my eyes.
The backpack arrived and when I pulled it out of the box I thought “this could totally work as a diaper bag! Perfect!” And then, I opened the backpack and the lining wasn’t even attached! The stitching was so loose it was just open. Poor quality, and will be returning
I really like these shorts because they're longer and they are soft and comfortable, and they have pockets. They're my favorite gym shorts.
... And there's a lot of stitching..
It will be really nice on those cold windy days to have ears protected!
Price unknown..
Snap on back keeps coming off
The material felt nice at first, but I guess I’m used to a bit more wicking material in my socks. Got blisters from wearing them in a frisbee tournament, even though I changed them halfway through the day. I haven’t worn them since, and my feet stay drier in other socks. So a bit of a waste of money for me. Maybe your feet don’t sweat like mine though!
LOVE. So cute and so many to choose from. Especially for being so inexpensive!
Very beautiful. Thanks to seller
This underwear is great but the tags are terrible!
The sweat shirt fits great and does not shrink when washed and dried.
I am in shock! These scrubs washed beautifully and no iron needed. They are an amazing value!
These are terrible, literally threw them in the trash. Should’ve spent the money on Champion, what I usually buy.
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