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ladies designer golf shoes uk_designer shoes womens

Super cute but for some reason they snag easily on anything with a higher neckline. They seem to not be sealed well or something isn't attached right. I have a larger pair of silver ones I got elsewhere that don't snag the exact same shirts like these.
I was dependent on three well worn Handkerchiefs before the Hankies arrived.
Changing my rating. Purse has fallen apart already after using 3 times. Bought this on Prime Day. It arrived smelling like fish but I aired it out. I'm taking a star off because some of the stitching was pretty ugly. Otherwise it was a good deal for the money.
Bought these for my 8 year old niece. They are even more beautiful than in the picture. She loves them and they are just the right size, not too big, not too little!
So fa só good
true to size I buy these all the time for my husband for work
As advertised. Great value.
I have tiny wrists and my bracelet fit perfectly! Beautiful with gold bracelets I already had.
Can't beat this price!
Got a dark grey hoodie, like the depth of the hood for my big head and it's very warm against desert night winds.
Bought these for our groomsmen and they looked so nice in them
I like the size of the bag, but not the shape. It is deeper than wide and, therefore, items get lost in the bottom and are hard to retrieve. The fabric is very nice and keeps the bag lightweight. I bought this as a replacement for a Baggalini that had worn out, Wish they still made one like the former one.
This just what I wanted a place to put my credit cards and gift cards. The color is beautiful and just big enough. Look forward to carrying it.
This is a gift for my son for Christmas. He will love it. Very fast shipping.
great to use.
I love them will order more
Bellas tal como la imagen me encantaron y más a mi esposo
Still getting used to accessing cards with the new wallet, takes a few extra seconds to access a card, however, seems to be good quality. I purchased the wallet because it appears to be an interesting design, a lot cheaper than it's competitors, and hopefully prevents cards from breaking as I keep the wallet in my back pocket. The screwdriver, however, required all the force in the world to remove a screw and even after that there were 2 screws I could not remove. I solved this by using a T6 screwdriver head from my screwdriver set and they both came right out. Last note, if you're used to holding you wallet next to an RFID scanner, you will not be able to anymore as it prevents RFID scanning, which some could consider a pro instead of an inconvenience.

Update: I did recently reach out to Customer Service and they did reply promptly and assisted with the manner. I have since gotten used to taking my RFID card out of my wallet when needed and the wallet so far is holding up well! Their customer service is outstanding!
Good material and feel. Drawbacks are that there are no pockets and that overall they are very baggy.
Look him great...very comfortable!
Good quality
Love it!!!
I wanted to try Dickies for a more durable work pant over jeans. I'm frustrated that the belt loops are only for 1-1/4" belts. The first time I wore them with my current 1-1/2" belt, I was able to get the tag end through the loop but had to take a hammer to the metal aglet on the end because I couldn't get it back through the loop. This was all while wearing the pants because I couldn't loosen the belt to take them off! Very awkward to do. Mine also had a very chemical smell before washing but it did go away after the first wash. They do seem to be more durable than denim, earning them the second star.
Ok, it is good for a 3 year old that is not really interested in telling time. I still can not figure out how to change the time and it keeps getting messed up because the side bottom are accessible to anyone. It lights up, which is nice. Good play watch but not a good watch to tell time.
My sone loves this underwear he said it is very comfortable. Great for the working guy who does physical labor everyday.
I like it so far. Wears in the back pocket well, conforms well. Plenty of card space.
Very satisfied
Not true RL....knock off crap
Great fit and a very nice product
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