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vans custom shoes cost_vans custom shoes competition

Great price. Excellent new condition.
What I like most about it is the money clip
Tag said size 30 but the shorts were size 36
Overall, I think this bag stands by the price. It will fulfill its purpose. I purchased this bag because I volunteer at a women's prison and everything you carry in must be visible. I like the size of the bag as I take in a lot of literature. The inside and outside pockets are great for my readers, keys, badge, and smaller items. For size reference, I put some of the clear folders I carry-in the bag. You can see that it is spacious. As for durability, only time will tell. It came folded in half in a clear plastic wrap in an envelope. It smells like PVC. Nothing horrible! I ordered the " royal blue". I believe that is the name of the color. As you can see from the photos it's really not. That's my only major dislike. The bottom outside blue appears faded and the handles are a bit darker blue. Nonetheless, not enough to return it or make a fuss. It will serve its purpose.
This wallet comes as close to my favorite that I had for 20 years and couldn't find an exact replacement. I meets my needs, is small enough for my purse and nicely compact. I recommend it highly.
The product serves it purpose, but the clamps rusted after about 2 weeks. Leaves a mark on my leg every time I use them (clamps for socks only. The shirt clamps haven't rusted yet. Thank god)
Most comfortable work shirt I own.
Slim and sturdy.
Great shorts at a very good price and they feel good on. My only objection is the buttoon closure on the pockets. It is not easy or more importantly, fast to get open, Velcro would be much better.
Great for every day
Excellent quality, material and workmanship. Beautiful and comfortable pants. I highly recommend these pants AAA+++ Sizing is perfect, loose and comfortable !!!
These socks really exceeded my expectations! They are super comfortable! Perfect for the warmer seasons I would say for sure! They fit me and my husband wonderfully he was also very impressed. I love the non slip grip they have also! Helps keep your socks from falling off inside boots and sneakers!
This was a birthday gift for my husband. He loved them.
These socks have a very soft, cushy feel to them. I wear a size 8 ½ shoe, and these socks fit
perfectly on the length of my foot. The grey colored areas at the heel and toe do not appear to be
reinforced areas, only a different color of the same polyester material. The socks ride up to the
bottom of the calf which makes wearing them with tennis shoes a perfect match. They are also
not overly heavy; you would have to think of them as rather lightweight socks for the
spring and summer months.
I like it
Too big for an xl
Love it
Great service, good price and product!
I love these. They are very similar in style to my Oakleys but way more comfortable. I don't know if I have a big head or not, but the Oakleys fit very tight and start to hurt after awhile, but these are very flexible and I can wear them way longer than other sunglasses I have owned. I love that it ships with replaceble lenses, but I love the blue ones that came installed by default and have yet to swap them out, but the fact that these glasses look nice, fit great and they send you different lens options for the price they charge is simply amazing.
Good shirt
The stones are sparkling unfortunately the screws are very very small...one of the screws fell off and found it with great difficulty...returned it
Ordered for my husband who walks several miles on the job. Very comfortable and wear well.
For the person that gave a bad review because they were late, that’s not a review of the actually sunglasses

These are great glasses and the real deal

The XL’s are a great frame for anyone in that little bigger than normal face.
Love these just didn't expect them to be so big!
Beat the heck out of the traditional cloth ones that get sweaty, sticky, and smell funny after using them for 2-3 months. These stay to of your face when you are moving, and are not itchy. If you fish / hunt/ do anything outdoors to where you are constantly moving, I recommend getting a pair of these bad boys. Great price from Amazon on these; shipped to my door in 2 days for free.99


These are cheap garbage, don’t waste your money.
Not what was presented online. It is cheaply made and the mask you can see through.. an item for my trash can that I overpaid for.... very disappointed
Fits as expected.
Thick and great quality. I bought two and they are warm but not bulky.
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