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customized nike custom

Very nice and cute.. love it.
These were perfect! Great by themselves or as an undershirt. These are a necessity for my husband!
I received my necklace today and I'm so pleased with it...nice weight to the actual pendant..the chain is delicate so I will be careful. I bought this in memory of my sister Leeda who passed away on April 21...I know she is out there in the Gemini sky.
Fits great. Size is right. Thanks
For the cost you can’t beat it. But what I’ve noticed is that since it’s plastic on your nose it tends to slip a lot. It needs rubber or something else to hold its position on your nose.
Fits well, and are true to size. It takes a few wearings to get used to "putting everything where it goes", but they are cooler than other underwear I've worn. I would give them a five, except that they faded when I wore them in a swimming pool.
Exactly as shown in the picture. Very light weight and comfortable fit.
Not quite as large as I prefer, but holds quite a bit. I especially like the design and the detachable handle. The outside cash pocket is also handy.
Admittedly, this is the first non-metallic belt buckle that I've tried with a web belt and it is horrible. The first time I went to unbuckle my pants I thought that I was going to have to use a seat belt cutter. The buckle is stiff and very difficult to release There is a trick to it that you will have to figure out if you don't want to end up cutting the belt off.
I really got this for my child, she is now learning the time so I needed numbers and strokes so that she can learn the exact minutes as well. She loves Disney's Princesses so I know she'll love this ! It was also affordable and the quality is good !!
Finally found value-priced polarized sunglasses that fit my wide face and look good! I got complimented on them the first time I wore them and there was much surprise when I mentioned where I bought them and how much they cost. Very happy with these and will likely buy more after the inevitable - losing them or my kids destroying them.

Please note I was not paid for this review and bought this item myself.

UPDATE: Came back for a second pair after a canoe accident tossed my first set in a rather fast-moving river. They might have floated but I was too busy picking a friend's toddler out of the river.
Was what I was looking for
Well made heavy material. Didn't quite fit, however mostly due to where I have gained weight. The material doesn't have much give. I think in time will be ok.
Great purse. Love the size and color
Love these glasses. They are comfortable, and so clear.
A very comfortable fit.
I purchased this for my daughter who is a huge Harry Potter fan. Once we received it, the button on the top that allows you to open the locket was jammed and the locket would not open. She liked it so much that I purchased her another one hoping it would hold up better. She was thrilled with the new locket until the next morning when she went to put it on and noticed the hands had fallen off and were laying at the bottom of the locket. There's no way to fix it. I'm returning the locket with the broken hands, but unfortunately it's too late for me to return the one with the jammed button. Very disappointed with how cheaply these are made as they look very cute and would be great for any Harry Potter fan. I will not be purchasing a third.
My fiancé loves it, small for people who do not like to carry too many cards, its perfect and light
Very happy with them
Bought this for my Mom. She loves it. It’s very soft and just the right size...
Medium size Men's shirts fit like Small Women's shirts. Love the soft material.
I had quite expectation after looking through reviews, ratings of this product. It comes out not as expected. The diamond seems cheep and plastic- like. It is shiny, but not “flaming sparkle” as the picture shows. It weights light, and is rough to put on and off.
Has a metal sipper👍
seems to that the quality has gone down since last year. already getting holes and so much thinner too. my wife got some because i loved the first batch. but hers sucked too. thin and not lasting at all. Makes me sad because they were a good price, comfortable, durable and made in America.
Bummer People
My wife loves them. If your wife or girlfriend likes cats (pause for the guys to try to recall any women they've ever known who doesn't like cats) then she'll love these earrings too.
fits well and comfortable
Excelente producto
Lo recomiendo!!!✌️
I was happy to see that the belt does have a leather look, not plasticky, and so works out well. It is pretty pliable as well.
Was exactly as described and pictured.
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