1 Women's All-Over Print T shirt|custom made orthopedic shoes winnipeg_custom made orthopedic shoes windsor

custom made orthopedic shoes winnipeg_custom made orthopedic shoes windsor

CK quality and fit, swear by these bad boys every time. Plus they last practically forever.
Make no mistake about the 3 ⭐️ I like it a lot match the ones I have but I wish I order bigger size balls
She loved the color, style and fit!
The compression shirt is high quality and works great. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend it others.
Good socks
These will work, they just don't feel very substantial.
Thanks very good to use in hot weather
These are advertised exactly like this:
"TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 5 Interchangeable Lenses"
I have attached the main photo from the listing, and the mirrored lens shown is NOT polarized. Of the 5 lenses, only the standard gray lens is polarized. Frame is pretty cheap feeling. Worth $20, but not pleased there's only 1 polarized lens.
Very cute bag, great size for when you don’t want to lug around a big bag but still need to carry your wallet, phone and small makeup items
Very nice quality belt, thick and soft leather.
These are great to run around the house in. The fit is nice and they stretch with your every move. Sleeping is very comfortable and cool. Nice for guys but gals love them to!
Excellent product. Lots of room for credit cards, two pockets for documents and passports, zips, click buttons and a strap to close. Supposed to be for women. It should be for men or unisex.
This shirt was at least one size smaller than labelled
got them this large for beekeeping......
So I normally don't write reviews, however; I needed to comment on this product. I have struggled with gyno since middle school. I always thought it was weird that I had gyno cause I am 5'7 and am 156 pounds, making me pretty skinny (that's my recent weight and height in highschool). My friends would comment on my chest, though not meant to be hurtful, made me very insecure. Since then I wore jackets, even in 100° weather just to be accepted. So one day I decided to buy this compression shirt and I was shocked at the result. It flattened my chest so well I started buying and wearing t shirts and shirts in over two years. Honestly I am thankful for this product and to anyone who has gyno, don't feel alone because they are so many of us struggling with it everyday 😊.
Strong well built and as advertised.
Work great for general use, only for daily metal detector screening. I don’t hang anything from my belt.
I cancelled that order
So I walk with dogs a lot and clearly do NOT need a purse but def cannot be without my phone, lol! I put my car key fob in the front pocket, cell in the main one and wear the whole thing across my body. I suppose it's a bit childish for a grown woman to carry a purse with a monkey (and that little banana detail!) but I love this thing and I do not care what anyone else thinks. In fact the whole line is so adorable, it's hard for me not to buy them all. One of my monkey's eyes (they're buttons) is getting loose , so I'll need to sew it before I lose it. But I think that's more about the wear I've put on it than craftsmanship. I would buy this bag again and again.
A friend of mine recently got some Under Armour underwear as a gift and couldn't praise them enough. Being in need of new undies myself, I thought I'd order up some Under Armour... and then I saw the price. I definitely care about my naughty bits, but there's a limit to what I'll spend to cover them. I started browsing around Amazon's selections and discovered these Adidas boxer briefs. They are very supportive, fit very well, and breathe where they need to. I'm not sure how much better underwear could truly get, but these seem to work well enough for me.
Worked out great. Little tight in the chest but length was dead on.
Product material is not leather. A bit flemsy.
You get what you pay for. They’re great for cheap earrings. You could get them cheaper and your neighborhood beauty supply, but free shipping. So, yeah.
I have five piercings in my ears and it's such a pain having to take my earrings out all of the time. That's why I bought these. When I received them I didn't realize that they were going to be this beautiful. They look so real. They are perfect for anyone with multiple ear piercings, they are easy to wear and they work for sensitive ears like mine. I am so happy with my purchase. I love these earrings.
two years and all is well
These swim trunks are comfortable and fit as expected. I wear 34/34 jeans and ordered medium size swim trunks and I'm very happy with them.
Very pretty purse! The fabric is little shinier than I expected but it's still a great find!
The seams already ripped and I've used this for 3 days. Beyond disappointed in the quality.
very good 1/4 sock for size 13 shoe
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