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diy shoe rack closet_diy shoe rack cover

I got this as a present for my mom. She loved it. It comes in great number of colors. It also has large number of pockets and plenty of credit card areas. Best of all it protects your information from ever ingenious thieves.
These are the best non-slip socks I have ever found, and I have a really picky elder! Soft and warm, and NOT tight at the top...
Great for beach time adventures
Love this thing. The button works great and play with it constantly just cause it's fun. The cards don't fan out really far but my two most used cards are always at quick draw. It's not for packrats so no room for family photos or membership or business cards but it just holds my (5) cards and ID just fine. You can only really carry two bills in it and the band will scuff the leather but I generally don't carry cash. It's a really solid built. It's a different feel then a standard wallet so if it's uncomfortable to sit on then it fits really well in the front pocket. I'm really enjoying my purchase and look forward to getting another as a gift.
I've never used suspenders in my life and I'm over, way over any "midlife" what ever. I love them. I was experiencing some lower pain in my kidney area and considered it was due to wearing a belt too tight. These suspenders have resolved that problem....
Bought to wear under MSA Hardhat to keep my long hair out of my eyes. The headband it's too tight causing rubbing between hair, scalp and hardhat to become very itchy. Product is much too tight for someone with a medium size cranium and any amount of hair. The rubber band in the front only causes acne but does keep sweat out of face by gathering it on your forehead. The upper half does add a cooling effect but only because the lower half thick spandex makes you hot. Will be returning product
Not what was described on Amazon. Will be returning.
perfect size pee hole
This necklace was exactly what I needed....has the 14K look for much less. Very sturdy and well made... love that I can put it on over my head and make it any length I need. was package nicely and arrived on time. will order another one for my daughter.
I have a large head, and it's not always easy to find the right size hat. This one is perfect. It really is a 'fit's all', and I'm happy with it.
Perfect for my potty-training 2 year old; she’s wearing 3t clothing, 28lbs. Im so glad I read these reviews and ordered big (4t). They do run smaller so 4t, after washing, fits her perfectly.
Very nick belts. I thought each belt would come with its own buckle, only one buckle for three belts.
The color is super bright green and the picture doesn’t reflect that.
Lens are Corning glass and are awesome. Clarity and tint is top quality. The frames would be excellent with flexible hinges. All in all,hard to beat for the price. These sunglasses are great quality and will purchase again.
This wallet has a decent amount of card space, yet it still compact enough. It's a great conversation piece into inself. It came with an authentic I'd and manufacturer defect warranty. This wallet is a good in-between of over the top name brand and cheap knock offs. I love this wallet.
Mothers day gift
Light weight and very breathable, comfortable in hot climate areas.
For the very low price, the sweatshirts fit loosely, as I wanted and were very soft to the skin. The bottom band had less elasticity than I would have preferred. But choosing a very reasonably priced item, this is expected.
The quality of these jeans is fine. In terms of the waist and the general fit, they fit comfortably. My only complaint at all is that they're oddly long. I own multiple other pairs of jeans (numerous different brands) that are a longer size than this pair, and yet this pair is just as long as the others. I bought them specifically wanting to try a shorter jean, to see how I look without my jeans bunched up because they're longer than needed... and they arrived sporting the same length as my older jeans. Ah well.

So either those other brands run short, or this brand runs long.
This turned out to be better than what I imagined. My wife loved it!
Great look and so much space.
It's been unseasonably hot this summer in Seattle, and I have two of these caps that I've been using for long runs in the steamy parts of the day. I own the bright yellow one and the blue/white one. I like the looks of the blue/white one a bit more - less bulky on the head. However, the bright yellow is great for visibility if you're on the streets. I soak it before I go out for a run and re-hydrate when I stop at a water fountain. Unlike most caps which simply keep the sun off your head, this one does retain its moisture VERY well - to the point where you have to hang it up to dry for 24+ hours afterward to get it to dry out all the way. If you want something that absorbs sweat and dries quickly, this isn't it. If you want something that retains the water in order to cool the head, try this hat. It isn't the most fashionable but does the job.
Would have loved it if the straps were longer
Perfect socks for hard-working man. My husband wears these and they hold up well. Elastic stays put and toes/heels stay thick for s long time. They don’t wear out fast like some I’ve bought from local superstore.
I am loving this purse! Received last week, it is perfect for my iPhone 8Plus. The plastic-like (think nice, not cheap) is thick enough to last, thin enough to text through! It is awesome to not dig for your phone, esp if the text isn't one requiring a reply. The purse is a nice leather, with 2 options for straps- shoulder or wrist. Lightweight, with enough room for phone, keys, credit card and lipstick. Perfect gift for all ages- especially graduating Seniors. Impressed with the value.
A every day purse I had for 5 years I loved it and when I bought a new one is so different then the one I had it was heaver then this new one and looks so cheap and not what I would call a great purse. You should go back to the way you use to make and loved the zippers on the sides
Awesome wallet only a few months in but so far it's taking on the character that I like in a leather wallet
Ordered this for my son to use why he is out fishing, and he loves it. My son says it keeps him cool and I like the sun protection he gets from it
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