Wolf White High Top Canvas Shoes|design your own etnies shoes_design your own evening shoes

design your own etnies shoes_design your own evening shoes

very nice bag
Great product
This is my fourth pair of Luenx Aviator Sunglasses and I love them! I tend to not spend a lot on sunglasses cause I have been known to loose them/break them... These are a GREAT quality sunglass for not a lot of money. Quite durable and don't scratch like other tinted aviators I have had in the past... Will continue to buy these in the future.
This purse holds more than I expected and looks great! I’ve been using it everyday for 2 weeks now and it’s holding up just fine.
Great quality and value. Carhartt does not disappoint!
I liked the fit, I like the color and price is decent. Very satisfied with the purchase.
Beautiful purse. I was going to give as a gift but I love it so much I'm keeping it!
Ordered these as gifts for my daughters so they could look at them and know that their potty mouth mother always believes in them. Came in nice boxes. Can’t wait to give them to them Christmas morning.
A little bulky around the ears
These are some seriously comfortable pants. It took all my self control not to buy every available color (although I still might eventually). My only complaint is minor and subjective...I'm not a fan of the single loop drawstring. Other than that, these are perfect.
Arm sleeves are stretched out, they feel like they flap in the wind. Uncomfortable. Was hoping the shirts sleeve would go down to elbow and wouldn't be as wide. Uncomfortable shirt. Not happy.
Absolutely love it! Sometimes it turns around but other than that it's the perfect piece.
Been wearing Hanes beefy t's for years. Really cheap feeling and thin now. Some sort of cheap rip out tag instead of the printed label. After you tear out the tag how do you tell front from back ?? Returned, going to order another brand.
Good value for your money. Look better In person then online. Definitely would recommend.
Good quality, I like the color of denim wash
Great shorts. Got exactly what I ordered.
I just got this in the mail and it looks terrific! Very shiney and very 3D!
it was just what was needed for work. thanks.
Absolutely discourage anyone from buying these. They fit like a dress and I am a man!!. Seriously they're too loose, they're itchy and the seams have become undone already on them all. Save your $$$!!
thought it was a neat idea and simple but the flag decal quicky scratches and it's no more or less comfortable than most others plus at the $39 it should be a little better quality
Love these. For great over my glasses
Thank you!
Item arrived packaged appropriately. It's good quality, standard Fruit of the Loom fabric. Soft pants to wear around the house or to sleep in. The drawstring goes through the entire waistband of the pants and the button front is functional. Wash and dry with other t-shirts Fruit of the Loom Men's Jersey Knit Sleep Pant, Grey, Medium
I absolutely love this purse! I am a lover of all things pockets and this has plenty of them! I’m a gun carrying mom and this accommodates my hand gun Nicely!
Slightly smaller than I was hoping for but should work fine for that no sock look.

*Update* August 12, 2017 after one washing holes?
great size!
Was totally satisfied with this product.
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