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custom graphic shirts near me_custom graffiti shirts near me

These shades are worth every penny I can’t believe I used to waste hundreds of dollars on sunglasses when these got better than most, perfect for bike rides!
Fit as expected. Soft, warm, no binding.
We loved it so much I went and purchased one for myself. Highly recommend

It was a gift for my husband and it became a hit. All other family members are purchasing the same and I even percussed one for me in another color.
good socks
I was disappointed in the color but that was my fault
Fit well comfortable i enjoy them
I love this little purse! It was exactly what I was looking for color and size wise. Big enough for sunglasses case small wallet hair ties chapstick and my keys. And I love the front slot for my phone! Adorable! Definitely happy with it!!
Adorable, fit well, good quality
Material was solid as well as the fit; Reserving judgement on the longevity.
Need bigger sides
I love these shirts and they are very had to find in my tall size other than on Amazon. For Carhartt clothing, I always shop Amazon.
I love it! It makes me feels peaceful, I use it as a decoration in my room.
The wallet is a great balance of slim and functional. I had a carbon fiber slim wallet but was getting tired of the texture and lack of storage. This wallet was a great alternative! The wallet is well made and will definitely be looking to other BASICS products for any future needs!
Very comfortable and well vented.
All my oversized sunglasses fit. Does what a case is supposed to do
Many complements on the bag. Like the amount of pockets. Wish that the bag depth was a bit wider.
This watch is still working great. It's a really cool product, just push the face and the time appears behind the picture. Bought this for my 8 year old and she adores it
The material was so thin and flimsy that it appeared it would TEAR or HOLE after my first or second wearing. The socks were made in Honduras. Amazon offered a full refund.
These are really nice glasses and I can't live without. I'm a repeat buyer for years (when I lose them)....but lens will come apart/break by top screw eventually. I've owned 4 pairs of these and the lens always breaks there after about 8-12 months. They replaced them all but it's is not free to do this even under warranty. Charge a service fee and you have to ship back. I've owned Ray Bans that this never happen to. Just a pain to keep returning for repair. You have to be VERY careful when you clean them They are very fragile where the lens and screw are drilled in. They are light weight and that probably contributes to the breaking issue. Clean them very very gentle or in time they will break! Yours might be broken already and its just hasn't slipped out yet. The screw will still hold the lenses in.
Perfect fit for my 21mo girl. They were easy to screw in and haven't fallen out, bothered her skin, or become tarnished at all during 4weeks of continuous wear.
They could last a little longer but very comfortable
Lots of pockets for cards inside.
They fit perfectly...they look great
Mom loves it.
I can never seem to find boxer briefs that fit right, these are very comfortable and I am beyond satisfied with these briefs.
Although these earring were a little bigger than I expected, that was soon forgotten -- these earrings are stylish, sparkly, and showy without being ostentatious. The screw backs? The earrings stay PUT with those screw backs; not a chance of losing an earring -- how I wish my gold studs had them.

The square-ish shape is unusual, including the inset -- and the way the cubic zirconia is set into the shapes and recesses makes these earrings attention-getting -- when in the sun they sparkle and show themselves off. Even in a nightclub situation, they DO catch the light. Remarkable and good-looking they certainly are !!

The price is definitely another nice thing about these earrings. And the fact that they are Sterling Silver and Hypo-Allergenic is a very big Plus.
Absolutely love it, so handy and everything is visible and at your finger tips.
Socks do not protect the heel.
I bought this for my friend's birthday and he loved it. The prize is not high for a box of socks like this. If I would nitpick a little then it would be the strings inside of the socks can be a bit challenging for your toe nails.
The fit was good. The material soft. Manufactured well.
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