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diy shoe storage pvc_diy shoe storage rack

Fit perfectly
Compared to rayban, almost the same quality for less then 10% of the price. I don't need to pay 90% for some logos.
Exactly what I was looking for. Definitely 14k gold (I have metal allergies and would know instantly if there had been any impurities in these). The post on one was slightly warped but easily fixed. The stones seem secure. These are very comfortable and pretty.
Great product for the price. Interchangeable buckle. No complaints
Love the bag.
Nice and big. Wish the colors were more vibrant but still
Very nice’
Nice bag!! Ordered brown purse for a Christmas gift, then bought myself the light blue one as soon as I opened the box! It’s the perfect size, nice colorful strap! I like it a lot
Theyre 501 button fly
These Ray-Ban sunglasses are awesome. Good fit. Polarized. Style that never goes away. I am thinking of buying another pair just to have as a spare.
Got this item and due to some user error I somehow broke my money clip. I sent them and email they had me send in a warranty claim in within the week had the new clip.. I used the provided tools to make the repair and the walled has been rock solid since. Was truly amazed no questions asked they got back to me within 24 hours and shipped my package to arrive same week. Very happy with my purchase.
They’re like shooting glasses
They are what they say they are
Love this bag! So cute, so comfortable, and holds so much in a great size bag!
Sunglasses came as expected, very stiff and hard to close arms. I read many reviews on this product before purchasing and the product states it is polarized. I am very sensitive to light and am still squinting from the sun light.
Good product
Beautiful product! Such soft material and great quality! The strap is the perfect length and the bag is a perfect size for holding essentials on a night out. Could not recommend enough :)
Love these cases! The spring hinges close the case securely, evenly, and completely around the whole case. They are identical to the "Safilo" cases that my optometrist always gives me with every new pair of prescription glasses I get.
# I have no relationship with this or any other company that does business on Amazon. I purchased this product wholly on my own and I have never been compensated for any review. #
Chain is a little heavy but great for games
Poor quality.
I love this VERY delicate bracelet. I bought two to double the width. I like the thought of a million tiny hearts on my arm.
The product is as pictured. It's a large messenger bag and I threw all my stuff in it and go it's awesome. I'm a personal assistant so I'm always lugging extra stuff for my clients and I have plenty of room to stuff all their small deliveries in there. I gave it a 4-star because of the center divider in the bag. Had it been off to one side or the other and not directly in the center of the bag it would be less annoying and help with some of the organization. But the divider is in the center of the bag which when I'm cramming stuff in it tends to really get in the way and make it difficult when my hands are usually already full. I may cut it out I haven't decided yet but it is nice to have customer stuff on one side and my stuff on the other. Another reason I gave it a 4-star and even kind of considered possibly giving a 3 star was because of the zipper they put on the top of the bag. I like to have a zipper to close my bag but not one that's too small for the actual bag. Because it seems that they use the zipper that's not long enough for the dimensions of the bag it cuts back on the efficiency of even having a zipper and is more app to just get in the way because they made the top opening smaller trying to make a zipper work for the bag when it's not long enough. So note to Makers, splurge for the few cents and get a zipper that's long enough to go across the entire top in a bag instead of being about 5 inhes too short!! On a plus, I like this bag because unlike some leather messenger bags I have its really light for its size. I use it everyday since I've gotten it and it seems to work well except for those couple issues which I must admit somewhat keeps me still on a search for the perfect bagfor me!
Exactly as expected. Very comfortable to wear with western boots all day. Amazing for the price. Have ordered several times
Holds my plum paper planner Ana everything else with ease! I use the front two zippers as diaper bag compartments!
My fiancé is a Veterinarian,Her spiritual connection with birds is something that I’ve never seen,I wanted to get her a random gift that would make her heart sing..she cried with happiness when she opened the package and saw the feather pendant,I haven’t felt this happy with a gift that I’ve ever selected for anyone in my life.,Thank you for selling this item..she hasn’t taken it off since.
Good health and happiness to everyone who reads this!
Same quality with once at the dollar store
Not that I bought these to wear alone but you would never wear this t-shirt alone. A supper cheap cut. I think they used a box to create the pattern. Also, one shirt arrived with a hole in the back of it. If they weren't so cheap, I would return them. Very disappointed in the brand. Won't purchase again. I understand they are inexpensive but to be complete garbage...unacceptable. The brand obviously lacks integrity.
My feet felt better after wearing.
Not as heavy and thick as the $6 Gold Toe socks, but since it is really the heel that wears through fastest, even the $6 pairs have holes in the heels in less than a year. These are more tubular of a sock and lighter in material (not paper thin like other tube socks), they are much easier to put on and take off (I have a size 15, EEE foot). Shall see how they hold up in time. At $3 a pair, if they develop holes in the heels in the same time as the $6 pair, they are a bargain. I will buy again.
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