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custom air force 1 off white belt_custom air force 1 orange

This is my go-to hoodie. The men's sizing in general is a little more relaxed and more comfortable than women's styles of other similar sweatshirts, plus it's warm and cozy. Can't go wrong with this.
The shirts aren't sewn properly and taper incorrectly at the shoulder. These are, to my mind, factory seconds.
easy wash, no shrinkage.
This purse is great and perfect for me to use especially all the stuff I carry for work. Very spacious.
Cute, durable, lightweight, and big enough for all my work stuff. Perfect!
Very soft fabric. Arrived fast.
Not as fancy looking as in the picture. The RFID is not built in, but provided by an additional card you leave in the wallet.. I'll use it for now, but will be waiting to get a new one from a different brand.
My husband loves this belt. Much more comfortable than a regular belt. Simple to adjust the belt length throughout the day as needed. Well made. Needed to go to web site for instructions on how to resize and how the ratchet function works.
By FAR best underware out there....waistband stays in shape and last longer than any other.
Overall good shorts
great socks good price
Does what I expected flattens things out a bit,they do not disappear.
Great optical quality and hydrophobic characteristics
It's very pretty
Wow, I'm so impressed.. the bag is so well made and came in a nice sleeve! Would highly recommend! I love my new nag
I love this bag already. It is perfect for my lifestyle! It's just big enough to carry what I need for the day but small enough to not be a burden! I love all of the pockets, it seems to be endless with space!
Shrink in the wash ! Order a bigger size then you need.
The wallet was a bit larger than expected. The main pouch can open very wide which makes it convenient, however, the sliding pouch for the credit card works very poorly if you more than a few cards in the main pouch. The card slot behind the sliding pouch is your standard non-fold-able wallet pouch, however, the area directly behind it is pretty unusable. Things fall out of either side, which makes it a pointless feature.
Looks clever but it's a struggle to cinch it tight enough to actually act as a belt, and a struggle to undo. Unfortunately, I didn't keep the box so I could return it, so the buckle went in the recycle bin and the elastic belt went in the trash.
I honestly don't see where all the positive reviews are coming from. I see it's being advised that you need to watch the video and practice. Surely you must be joking. I see clearly how it works, and it's just too much of a pain in the ass.
so far I really like the purse
Nice hat for working under the Hawaiian sun. Fold up the sides for a cool Aussie look, then fold them down to get maximum sun protection. Very light and you'll hardly know it is there. My only complaint is the stretchable headband is a bit tight for me now. It may stretch and be a better fit later.
Love this wallet! I slimmed down from a tri-fold previously to a bi-fold which I then managed to overstuff as well. I decided to try out this wallet due to it's compact nature and RFID blocking ability. I have been using it for about 2.5 months now and it works wonderfully. The leather is decent and looks great. The exterior card access for your must commonly used card is perfect for everyday use. I did remove the money clip as I don't carry money in my wallet (other than an emergency bill tucked away) which made it even slimmer. I currently have ten cards in it and it is still pretty compact and comfortable in my rear pocket.

UPDATE: Over a year now and it is holding up just fine. Very happy with this little wallet.
These shorts are very comfortable. Perfect for working out or lounging!
They were cheap, so guess you can't expect much. Went to pull them on, didn't realize the draw string was tied tight - pulled them up and snap, the draw string broke. I wasn't being rough, just pulling them on. Seems like some wonky stitching around the draw string - it was a PAIN to get a replacement string through. This is the first ever pair of pants/shorts I've purchased that has no pockets? Seriously, no pockets?!?! I didn't bother to return them because I only got them as part of a Halloween costume. Certainly wouldn't buy them again.
If I could give less than one star I would. Belt is very flimsy as in to thin.
amazing how well and perfect the collar looks now. My husband loves it and uses it every single day. Good quality and premium looking as well in the carry case.
Carbon fiber sounds cool but it’s so light you feel like you lost your cards. It’s also too loose for me. Need to have 5-6 cards minimum to feel like they’ll stay together safely
Got just I wanted and for a good price.
Daughter really enjoyed wearing it. However her hair is so thin, it won't stay put even with bobby pins!
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