Purple and Teal Madness All Over Print Cotton Backpack|modern seshoeshoe designs_seshoeshoe male designs

modern seshoeshoe designs_seshoeshoe male designs

Classic awesome, everyday staple. I wear these with everything and they look great all the time! My favorite outdoor accessory!
I realize theses are designed for runners so keep this in mind. I'm 6' foot 200 lbs and have several pair of the XL in these shorts. I have recently started wearing them as underwear as well. Great for travel they don't hold odors and can easily be rinsed and cleaned in the sink or shower if you are traveling and will be dry in the morning. This eliminates your need to do laundry on long trips. And they are amazingly comfortable!
Updating my review to four stars. These have lasted about 8 months before holes started to form. For the price that seems about on par with other similar socks. Still a good buy I think and will buy more shortly probably!
Love it
A little baggier than expected, but for what I use them for, loose fitting dog walking and Pajamas, they work just fine, and the price is great, I do not use these at the gym, but after I cool down on cool nights I put these on over shorts and they work great.
Purchased a package of these socks at a big box store a couple of years ago and have been looking for them ever since. I was happy to find them here. They are solid white, so you don't get a gray patch running up the back of your heel when the stretch (looks weird). They are a nice weight and comfortable.
Previous order of 505 Levi's jeans were returned because they were too small. These 31x34 jeans fit fine. Looks like a sizing quality control issue
I thought they were going to be 80 percent Alpacha, but they are still very comfortable. Lightweight, and soft
I bought some Calvins off their own website and they seem to be much better quality than what these were.
I have Parkinson's Disease, and we have laminate floors in our home. These socks prevent my feet from slipping on the floor, but they also don't "grab" and trip me up. I've tried other socks, but these are definitely the best. They're soft and comfortable, stretch enough, but don't get too loose and lose their shape. The price is also perfect! I'm going to order more right away.
Great quality
great product for every out door activity
Very cute and I love elephants! Not a structured bag.....but plenty of room to carry all my stuff.
Love my purse but disappointed I did not get my bag with it.
Keeps your shirt tuck in all day long.
They seem like quality A shirts. I returned right away because the armpit holes are larger than I prefer.
The actual face covering is sorta rough on the inside so if your nose is running while riding excpect some sort of discomfort.
Durable and used for laundry
Doesn't fit the same as the regular carhartt shirts.
Hi This long sleeve Carhartt Workwear shirt, is a very nice shirt to wear to work. Your man will like the buttons, and can put the sleeves up. A good wear! The order was on time. We liked the packaging. We like dealing with Amazon.
One pair of socks tore after 1 wash. Tried a different pair, did not prevent a bad heel blister on a 4 hour hike. Look elsewhere for active or merino socks. They feel nice when they aren't actually being used though?
Combine this with a UV protection long sleeve shirt like a Columbia and you can wander around nature with only sun protector in your face/neck. I have use it for hiking, sailing, rafting, goes with every occasion. The fit is perfect for my big head. Smaller heads can pull the cord in the back that makes it smaller. No big deal there. It will fit perfectly every time.
It was really baggy on me, which was kinda good for wearing over clothes, but it was overly baggy. repelled water perfectly though, great for rainy days and working on the water. I only wish it had pockets.
Fits well. The hat is average size.
I bought one for myself and loved it! My Mom saw it and loved it too, so I purchased one for her! Going to buy it in other colors!
Does exactly what I bought it for. I use it at night because I use a CPAP machine and this keeps my hair from being hosed up in the morning.
These are super cute bracelets. My daughters are all into the summer boho style, so they loved these bracelets. You can mix and match them or wear them all at once. If you have small wrists they may not work for you.
Very good wallet to own. This is more like a money clip with pockets for your credit cards, but the functionality is fantastic. It provides quick access to your money, and your credit cards.
Fits well. Exactly what I expected from Fruit of the Loom.
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