1 Round Satchel Bags|custom t shirt design iron on_custom t-shirt design project with jquery and php free download

custom t shirt design iron on_custom t-shirt design project with jquery and php free download

Bought for swimming and wearing to the gym. Very cool and comfortable. Well worth the money.
Size is a bit smaller than expected. 32" waist and mediums are a bit tight. Additionally, for taggless briefs, these aren't very comfortable. The material is sewn around the waistband in a way that leaves a rough edge all the way around the waist.

Update: After a few months with these, they just seem to get worse and worse. I can barely stand to wear them, they are so uncomfortable. I've attached a picture of the waistband. As you can see, the material is sewn directly to the rustic waistband leaving a very rough edge. It's downright painful at times.
Superb hoodie! High quality!
It met my needs..
Lightweight, fits right, feels good. Solid purchase. I was surprised by the comfort.
Great hat. Matches my hoodie! I love it
Very pleased
Like the feel
Perfect fit
These fit well, are comfortable and come at a good price.
We switched from the thinner cotton boxers to this kind and my husband, who is very picky, really likes them and feels more comfortable. We will buy these again.
Simple, inexpensive and comfortable. Material is good quality. Lightweight.
A little long for my taste. But this is a fantastic linen shirt. I recommend
Very pleased with my purchase for my son. The size is just right. I'm especially happy that they are long enough just as shown in the picture. The package arrived much earlier than the estimated delivrry date.
Love these! Totally worth every penny!
I got this for my friend and he says he likes how compact and it’s easy to use. Cute color as well. Makes it more organized for his stuff.
An amazing topper, fits like a head glove! Love it.
Good wallet , good quality
Sizing I purchased was 8-11. Product received was large, 9.5-13. oh and I had to wait forever to receive. Fml, starting over.
Kind of bulky. Like gold toe much better. Hard to fit in my shoes.
I am 6ft/184cm tall. The quality of these shirts are fantastic, very comfortable, not too thin and not too thick. I bought them for work but it turns out they’re so comfortable that I had to buy more so I could wear them at home during the harsh winter months because they’re cozy. The only issue and this is HUGE ISSUE, is that if you’re as tall as me (or even taller) it’s not going to be a perfect fit. The shirt is ABOVE THE BELT. These shirts are way too small in terms of LENGTH. If only it was 1 to 1.5 inches longer it would be perfect or if they at least gave us this option. It is what it is I guess.

If you decide to buy, keep this in mind. 4/5 stars and would buy again, but certainly not 5/5 due to this length of the shirt issue.
Perfect fit for my husband. I'll order another piece again with a different color this time.
Good bargain and quick shipping
Since discovering Baggalini, I've never had a Baggalini bag that wasn't awesome, and this is no exception. I needed something that would hold essentials and keep them readily accessible, but allow me to be hands free at the same time. This was the solution. The number of compartments is rather mind-boggling -- Baggalini designers are the magicians of the small space. And, as always, the fabric, the hardware and details are top quality. Since I know the brand, I went ahead and bought two in different colors. I'm glad I did.
Always and will only wear the Ray Ban Wayfarer (Polarized)
As advertised
They fit well and a good value for the money!!
Quality still there.
Unfortunately another American legend selling out on us.
Not made on American Soil
Good material with good price
This bag was awesome for travel/trip. Was intending to use it only as a carryon purse for the airport; but decided to use it the entire trip. Not to only is it waterproof and anti theft safe; it’s also very functional and practical when traveling with kid(s) - multiple pockets, including h water bottle holder; and has both backpack and purse straps
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