green Women's High Waisted Briefs|design your own nmd adidas_design your adidas

design your own nmd adidas_design your adidas

Fades fast and also shrinks after a handful of washes
I ordered this and was just a little suspicious cause usually bucket hats are pretty expensive. But, it’s actually really nice! It came 2 days earlier and I really enjoy it.
Excellent product
Cotton was just a little rough. I wear it for all around activities.
Liked the tight over the sleeves and the softness!
This wallet is everything I wanted! Even when full it's easy to close. It feels so soft. I wish they had a purse in a similar style!
Bought this as a gift for my daughter's good friend - she loves it and has not taken it off - plus you can't beat the price
Interesting. I now realize there were only 5 shirts!!!!!
They are very high quality glasses and fit wonderful. The lenses are great outdoors and indoors. I live in Florida and hate to take my sunglasses off when I go inside a store.
Quality & packaging were good. However, the belt was too long.
I have not used the belt yet
Nice wallet, stylish and slim.
It was well made, and good quality for the price. I however did send it back for a refund because I didn't realize it did not have an opening inside for money only a clip. This was an error on my part and if I ever need one like it I would likely repurchase.
Really nice! Go ahead and buy
These fit over my glasses very well and keep me protected from the harmful rays. They look great as well.
These are the most comfortable socks I've ever worn. Too bad they don't last. I hiked several hundred miles on the AT without a single blister, but the socks didn't last very long. The last few weeks I put on a my last pair just to wear around the house and they developed holes rather quickly. I think the comfort makes them worth it. Still, they should last longer.
Loving it just want to know how to wear it
Nice shirt just the neck area bacon up.
Please note that I have worn the socks just a few times as I just received. I purchased as I go to workout three times a week and use the ankle socks to keep odors from my gym shoes. They appear to be of good quality. If they send review request after 6 months I will inform about the test of time which is important to me, As of now, everything is good.
Lovely bag!
These are the only underwear I believe in. My first 5 sets were issued to me in Black while I was in the Air Force. We call them "Soffes", the Marines call them "Silkies", and the Army calls them "ranger panties." They are the same thing. Standard issue and will take years worth of daily wear. I have retired a few sets to my wife who cuts the "liner" out of them for sleeping shorts. I had about 8-10 sets of these, wore the holy hell out of them doing anything you can imagine seeing on the Discovery channel shows, and they lasted years each. If you have a normal rotation of a half dozen, and you wash every wear - you'll get your $12 out of them many times over. Mediums will fit about a 29"-34" waist. But regardless of the size - you'll easily be able to determine what your twig/berries are up to behind two thin layers of nylon mesh.

There is a reason we nicknamed these "CatchMeF*&KMe's." Just sayin'... Just like the Ranger handbook says... "Not for the faint of heart." Freedom. 'Murica. Don't skip leg day.
Nice Shorts!
This is a great leather wallet. Plenty of card slots and just lots of space for everything you might carry in a wallet. There is a definite odor to it which is a little strong when you first get it, however not unpleasant and over time it has faded. The feel of the wallet is smooth and it's gotten softer with use. Glad I bought it.
I loved them, but unfortunately so did my dog.
Wow!!! Since I only paid about 10 dollars for this wallet I definitely wasn’t expecting this wallet to be so nice !!!! 10/10 recommend! It wasn’t too bulky & also has tons of room for cards/money and the pattern looks so good!
fits a bit larger but i ordered it like that im right inbetween sizes, i liked the colors i got, mostly all dark
Great fit. Stay up like good boot socks should. Highly recommend
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