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custom iron on shirt tags_custom t-shirt tags manufacturer

Product as advertised.
Updated to a 1 star review would give it 0 if I could. Extremely poor design prevents any sir from escaping through the breathable mesh that has a consistency of bent cardboard. Very poor air flow. If you wear goggles and or glasses you will not be able to see. After 3 attempted days of outside useage in 20 degree temps, while I was warm, I could not see and was annoyed with the product. Ended up cutting holes which defeats the purpose of their air flow lined but hopefully this will fix the problem. Update: this does not fix the problem unless you remove the entire piece of mesh.
Additionally this is a tight firing mask that definitely does not fit all face types. Would return if I hadn't taken the advice if it her reviewees and cut holes in it.
Great duo! I bought as a gift and she loves them.
they work great and look sharp.
The weight of the polyester knit was lighter than expected. my wife and daughter agreed that it was like panty fabric. our twin boys said the fit was good but they did not care for the fabric either. we were expecting the weight of
Columbia poly knit shirts.
These are good not great but there comfy just after a a month or so of washing them a couple of them might tare or get a hole in them.
If you wear blue a lot you will love this bracelet it's beautiful and looks real.
Love these earrings. They are cute and don't hurt my sensitive ears.
Beautiful and quality
Crazy design. Loose end of belt comes out underneath the ratchet device. Can’t tighten it. If I wear it upside down then I can tighten it. Would send it back but I cut it to length before I decided how ridiculous it is.
These braces are attractive and comfortable, holding my trousers at the correct height. I think the only fault I can find is the clips are very light weight and I am not expecting a long life from them.
I needed something to help block the wind for my boot camp workout classes and this mask is perfect. I also love how versatile it is.
its very nice
looks like a 1000 chain
No pockets!!!
High quality belts and why I didn’t buy them sooner...I highly recommend them and will definitely coming back to try their other buckles!
Their customer service is also top notch! Emailed them and got a response quickly...If you are looking for a belt this is it, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed..
Perfect boxer-briefs for working out and running. There are three different lengths available so check to see which one fits your needs.
Poorly made
The cut, fit, and fabric make for a great working shirt that still looks nice. Very pleased.
Im new new to boxer briefs from boxers but these fit like a second SKIN it's crazy because I was starting to think of boxer briefs as butt huggers but NO these look & feel 10/10
Great purse, just the right size. I use it frequently. Would definitely buy it in other colors.
Bought this to use as face covering during COVID-19 crisis and it works perfectly.
It got delivered to me on Saturday. Very beautiful. I ordered it for my toddler.She misplaced one the next day.
This purse has some type of chemicals smell... tried to air out but does not fade... I think it maybe the material it is made from...
Will be returning...
Loved the color and style though...
I found this to look very cheap and I would not buy it again.
Bought this 4 my husband and he loves it
Great price works great
Bought this for my husband for Christmas and he loved it. Fits perfect and light weight which he loves.
Easy to size and works great!
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