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I bought this as a gift. Likes: just the right size, it has sections inside, and I like the 2 smaller bags. Dislikes: It smells horrible, it has a really strong bad odor. It was folded and creased to fit inside the plastic packaging and I will probably have to stuff it full of something to hopefully get it back to its original shape. It looks gray in the pictures, however, it is shiny silver gray and has a "cheap" look to it. I dont think I would feel good to give this as a gift. I am considering returning it. I was disappointed, but for the price some people may be happy with this bag.
Very happy. I wear this ring everyday and it hasn't changed a bit. I didn't have high expectations because of the price and I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality.
Perfect fit for my son and super comfortable. He loves them and wants me to order more colors.
I LOVE this bag! The many pockets keep you organized. Great quality! I've gotten many compliments and surprised faces when I say I got it on Amazon.
It’s warm, wind and waterproof. It’s light weight.
Perfect for outdoor workouts. The case is a pleasant bonus.
The slots are so narrow, it's difficult to insert cards. If you actually put a card in each slot, the wallet becomes difficult to close. In this case, the high number of slots is actually a detriment, as each layer just adds to the overall thickness. It's like sitting on a brick in my back pocket. My previous wallet held more, and came out slimmer.
Update: well I had to drop the review of this belt, at least for the brown belt. The brown belt’s color comes off on my pants. It is worse on jeans for some reason. Not noticeable on dark jeans, but I can see it on my tan jeans. Not certain it’s happening on the black belt. I tend to wear that with black jeans and have not worn it as often with my gray jeans.

This is a great belt. I bought both the black one and the brown one. Nicely constructed. Medium weight. The buckle looks nice and it’s fits both dress pants and jeans. The belt can be adjusted in length and it comes with the tools to help that which is nice. I did not have to adjust the length, but it should be easy enough.

One issue, which did not detract, was when I first opened the package the belt smelled like the factory it cane from. I know that all manufacturers use chemicals in making belts. This belt just had the smell. Probably because it came in a shrink wrapped box. I hung both belts in my closet and in 2 days the smell was gone. It did not permeate my closet or clothes, just the belt. But it faded fine and now the belt smells like a leather belt.
I really like this purse, but you get what you pay for. The latches for the strap didnt rotate and they broke within a week of purchase. But I fixed it myself and its a fine purse.
This bag is absolutely beautiful and so durable. A fossil bag for under $100?! Yes please! The gingham style gives it a different look and the tassels give it flare. I’m happy I decided to order it and see for myself instead of listening to the negative reviews. Love love LOVE it!!!
I really like the purse. It has just the right amount of pockets.
These Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Large Metal Sunglasses 62 mm, Polarized, Gold Frame/Green Polarized Lens are fantastic. And I am glad I could get them in my size 62mm. I have a BIG head. I usually ended up buying 55s and my big heard stretches out the glasses. RauBans are great sunglasses, they offer the best protection from the the suns rays and are super clear. The Polarized lens allows you to keep them in in different conditions.
To fit like the picture, you’d probably need two sizes smaller than normal....
best socks i own! really the most comfortable sock i have ever worn, on top of that there super easy to get in and out of your shoes
Perfect casual pants for upcoming weather. Not to heavy, cozy. My husband loves these.
This chain is delicate and beautiful. and the perfect length for a pendant I wear. I also use a magnetic clasp with it. clasp
Bought the Khaki variant of the Levi 501 STF jeans, and I was pleasantly surprised to see they were made of White Oak Cone Denim. Very high quality denim made in North Carolina, but the jeans were assembled in Mexico. I purchased a pair of the Rigid STF and they did not shrink up as nicely as these did, but were not made of Cone demin FYI. I disregard Levi's sizing suggestion and purchase in my true waist size and 2 in longer inseam. Shrinks up perfectly on a quick wash on hot machine wash. Very happy with these, just took a star off for not making the whole product in USA.
Love it
Good buy
I wear glasses that turn grey in the sun, but the tint just isn't strong enough. I purchased these Fit Over Sunglasses and they are perfect for me. I just need to make sure that whatever prescription glasses I get in the future will fit inside these sunglasses.
This is an excellent old school sweatshirt devoid of logos or flash. It was slightly large, but that's exactly what I wanted in a workout sweatshirt thus it fit as expected.
This is a great shirt, but as I wear an XL and had to order a Medium (so it would fit like a normal shirt and not a dress) I'm only giving it a 4.
Amazing sunglasses
Great hats. Flexfit with no logos or other annoyances. All good until my girlfriend at the time washed and dried them. I've put them through the wash before and hung them to dry with no I'll consequences. The dryer shrunk the elastic a bit a made it really scratchy. So don't dry and you'll probably be as happy as I was with these hats.
Very good quality!
Not a fan of the style, if that’s the word for it. The front and back pockets are cool, but the inside is held together by an elastic so it’s literally just a sleeve. It’s true to its name as a “card sleeve” but I wouldn’t label this a wallet. I’d say the best way to describe this like a leather money clip, for your cards/IDs. It doesn’t give me the same security as a wallet would, but if only thinking of it as a card sleeve, and if I were only using it like as a work ID/badge thing, maybe that’d be more use to me. But for a everyday/regular use kinda thing, it’s not my cup of tea. One pocket-sleeve is open at both ends, and the other opens just a sliver since it’s held by the elastic. There’s a very small actual “pocket” between the sliver and the sleeve, but it’s very small and narrow. The card sleeve as a whole is pretty small, so if you normally carry around a lot of cards and IDs and whatnot you’d have to downsize by a lot. All & all. It feels like a nice quality, it just isn’t for me.
All is good got what I expected .
Great wallet for my son he loved it. Very study and great material.
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