Golden Retriever Pillow Cover|diy replacement shoe soles_easy diy shoe soles

diy replacement shoe soles_easy diy shoe soles

Great quality!
The men's medium fits me well (normally wear a women's large). Its perfect for exercising in hot weather, and the shorts are a good length (just above the knee). I practice martial arts in them, so they stand up to everything from running, kicking, ground work, etc. When running, I love the fact they have pockets, so I can put my ID and key in there. I own several pairs now, and the oldest one for several months. No problems with the drawstring or wear yet.
Buy it
Awesome shirt
I love my new Ray Bans! They are the best! Great craftmanship, excellent fit, love the style.Will definately buy more!
Like it very much! it's compartments are spacious! love the two pockets inside.
Wore these before , great pant . Wears well washes great
Belt works ok but not easy or convenient to adjust. It's way too expensive for what you actually get - thin piece of slotted aluminum and thin strap! Prefer ratchet style belt.
My son is built like a foot player but he is short and stocky hasn't got his height yet. But he has big thighs and a butt and he says these let him breathe and fit way better in those areas then other brands that I have bought for him. But because he is only 12 he is to big for kid sizes but not quite in adult sizes. But these were perfect..
Little bit large, but will be fine when layering clothes. Very warm and comfortable.
Doesn’t really fit for someone who is fit.
Very comfortable pullover.Good quality
Bought this for my father who is very particular about the fit and feel of his clothing. He loved this shirt and it protected his delicate skin from the sun while on a beach vacation.
There is no problem with these shirts.
Takes a little getting use to wearing. They will make the tops of your ears sore which I already knew before I bought them.
Super fast delivery and exactly what I wanted!
To small
Was able to bend the clips and make them work
Excellent product!
I love the look and feel of this wallet. It is good quality leather. It arrived sooner than expected. I'm able to use this as a front pocket wallet because my jeans and work pants pockets are deep. It is completely concealed within my pocket. It holds everything that I need it to. A couple of the card slots were tight, but I got my cards to fit finally. It is a little difficult retrieving my license from the ID slot, but I can live with that. It should wear well with time. I would definitely recommend getting this wallet.
Do you know how nice it is to spend 5 min looking for my size shirt instead of going to a store and hunting and hunting....awesum !
Highly recommend!
I like this product, but the sizing was off. I wear size 12 shoes and these were too small to be worn. I posted a note through Amazon to the company, and they immediately shipped the next size to me, along with an address label to return the old ones. That is excellent service. I look forward to the larger size so I can try them out. They do appear to be excellent quality, feel well padded, and fit just right around my lower leg and ankles.
Exactly as described. I will update if a problem.
These were a perfect fit & look nice!
Bought a pack of Gold Toe and some Champion socks-- washed them once and the Champions went from tight to uncomfortably tight, no change in the Gold Toe: they were very comfortable. I then proceeded to wash the lot with a red blanket which turned the socks pink; I bleached & washed in very hot water-- twice. The Gold Toes held up well-- the cotton in the foot area didn't turn to fuzz, whereas the Champion sock did fuzz noticeably, but not excessively. I bought more Gold Toes so I could have white socks again. Great socks for people with wide feet!
My daughter Loves her bag!❤️
Fit was great.
I have always worn Jockey but they haven't seemed as nice to me as they used to be and these were on sale and I gave them a shot. I haven't had them long enough to know how they wear, but they are significantly thinner than Jockey t-shirts. That may or may not be a positive for you but they seem cheap to me. Perhaps I'm being unfair, as they are indeed less expensive.

UPDATE: I've now had these a year and I've worn them enough (or a few of them) so that if repeated washing could soften them, it would have happened by now. As I wrote above, at about $3/each they are cheap, but they're no deal. First, you can find Jockey's on sale for $6/each, which while twice as much, isn't much in absolute terms. And what I didn't notice right away is that these are called "tall" but they're not nearly as long as the Jockey version is.

The only positive thing I can think to say is that it's hard to find a tall medium and these are closer to that than the Jockey LT is. But they shrink in a way that Jockey's don't and the material difference is night and day.
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