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basketball shoe customizer_basketball shoes custom

I just got back into cycling and quickly found out that none of my sunglasses performed very well while riding my bike. My eyes would tear up blurring my vision. After trying several ones I had and also ones I purchased (and sent back) I tried these Hulislem S1 Sport sunglasses and they work just great on my narrow face. No tears. Great optics. Really good fit.
The inside of line is already ripped and zipper is busted. I have only been using it less than 2 weeks. Not a smart buy
I have a larger head and the hat fits and not too tight. Great design with the pocket for the neck protector. If it wears out, I would buy another
Horrible it’s for toddlers short don’t buy them
I bought this travelon purse for the security
Features. I will be in Rome before a med
cruise and pickpockets are a real problem.
I have been wearing it around to get use
to it.
I very much like the size and how all the
zipper compartments lock.
I bought the navy and then I sprayed it
with a water proof spray.
I will be carrying my pass port and don't
Want to take any chances of it getting wet.
My friend who is going to Barcelona, liked
mine so much, she bought exactly the same one.
Unbelievably, being a pickpocket in
Barcelona is not even against the law.
So, even more problems there.
I will report back after my trip in September about how it went.
As an ingrown hair sufferer (especially the legs) daily exfoliation is a must. Poufs and loofahs just weren't cutting it. The washcloths were super simple to use both with just plain body wash and with a body polish (the thicker kind in the jar). Great for daily use as they are not overly harsh or rough but thorough to leave my skin smooth clean and fresh!

My one critique is that I wish they were a bit bigger so I can more comfortably fit my hand in the pocket but I can't complain too much. They are a great value for the money.
Wide strap and hold tight.
Would definitely recommend this product. Great look and feel
Buy jeans in a store NOT ONLINE, the individual variation in cut from the factories where these are churned out by the million is too great to by online. I bought the same size I own and store bought previously and it is way off.
Very functional and cute.
Update: I've now worn this ring daily for 10 months. It tarnished when I wore it in a highly chlorinated pool but the tarnish went away and it's all shiny again (see photos). My original review stands!

This is a good ring for a very reasonable price. And I've been wearing the ring daily for over 4 months and have not experienced any chipping, peeling, or discoloration. It is very comfortable! I have received many compliments on this ring while wearing it. The three rings together provide a nice tactile roll and I find myself playing with it during the day. I have zero complaints about this ring and would definitely buy it again or buy it as a gift for someone.

I purchased this ring for myself and was not compensated for this review. This review is for the BORUO 925 Sterling Silver Ring Triple Interlocked Rolling High Polish Ring sold by BORUO.
I bought this shoes for my daughter and she loves ghem
Opt for polarized. It is worth the extra money to reduce glare.

Satisfied with the purchase overall and would recommend.
The socks fit great and are very comfortable. However if you're looking for true no show socks these aren't the best.
For the price you cant beat the price
real nice wallet ,seems its going to be keeping its original look unlike others that get cracks in them after a short time of being carried .
Great feel and color
Caps were as expected! The fit was great! I recommend this product!
Too small and did not fit my needs. It was a gift for my husband.
they work
I like the visual and the feel to it
These work great! The fit is perfection with easy adjustment. Definitely the best shirt stay I've ever used.
I don't buy any other sock than these. I struggle to wake up in the morning. I can barely move,let alone have a conversation with someone. With that being said, I'm grateful for the right and left indicator on the socks.
As far as comfort, these socks are on point. They don't slip around when i run. They have a nice,snug fit that supports my high arch.
Great sock!!!!
I am impressed with everything about this bag so far. It is well-made and I love the secret compartment. I was pleasantly surprised that I needed to register this bag. I feel that this company has thought of everything. I will have an even better idea after my upcoming trip to the Bahamas and Disney World!
Order a size larger than normal, but other than that I’m very pleased
I bought this bag and after only one month the strap broke I was so upset. I've never had a bag ripped on me before
Very cute! Color was perfect. Straps are a bit thin but other than that I love it. Tons of pockets
Great hat
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