1 Women's All Over Print Zip Hoodie|custom shoes for toe amputees_custom shoes for team

custom shoes for toe amputees_custom shoes for team

Really nice jacket, light weight and warm. Tall size fits perfectly for me at 6'8".
The bagallini has lots of pockets and zipper spaces. It is great to carry items when traveling. The cross body design is very practical when in crowded situations.
the only thing I would change is make it a full tiara because little girls have a hard time keeping it on their heads.
We purchased this ahead of a water park visit bc my husband has extreme sun sensitive due to a medicine he takes. I didn't want to spend the whole day reapplying sunscreen or risking a burn so this seemed like the best option. The shirt fit great, he was never hot in it (and we ordered black) and it dried quick. We did not use a base coat of sunscreen underneath and he did not come anywhere close to burning. Very satisfied with the cost and wearability and esp the results. Will definitely purchase additional for his use.
I love these Tee shirts. They are the perfect weight to withstand repeated washings (even with bleach). I have never worn out a Hanes classic Tee. I have put on weight and outgrown them :( But, I also lost weight and bought new ones in a smaller size. These are the only T-shirts I will wear. As to size: It's pretty accurate. I normally wear a medium in sport shirts, polo shirts, etc.. Medium in these is about a half size too small for my liking as I prefer Tees to have some space to them, to help keep me cool , so I reordered them in large, and they are perfect.
I like that this product feels exceptional. From the packaging to the case and clothes included. Everything about this product makes me feel like I'm buying something 10x more expensive.
My daughter loved these underwear.
Like the protection! Will keep this large pair for someone else. I am ordering smaller pair for me. This is great for driving a school bus! With the sun shades and bus visor I am well protected now!
Ordered size M for my son perfect fit based upon Gildan measurement chart.
Very comfortable. Used to fish at beach.
Delivered on time !! inexpensive , fun to wear !!
I bought this as a gift for my father, he is really short so it's hard to find the right size that he needs. I was so happy that I was able to get him 2 pairs of jeans for less then the price of one going to a specialty store down here.
I bought two 6 packs for $9.99 each. They are a little bit long and will hang below your outside shirt. I’m 5’7” and have a belly so I bought XL and they fit me well. Not as tight as the Fruit of the Loom XL that I usually buy. I’ll wait until they go down in price again and buy more.
Perfect size, love the color
Very large hold alot
These are pretty nice and they come with some great extras that make it a good deal for the money. I received the Hulislem Sport Sunglasses at a discount in order to review and they are comfortable feeling glasses. I'm not sure the term "Wayfarers" fits though. The first thing I thought of when I saw them was snow skiing. But anyway...

Like I said they fit me pretty comfortably, but very closely around my face and the lenses fully cover my field of vision so the rays don't stab me in the eyes from the side or underneath. The polarized lenses do a good job of reducing the glare. Now as good as these fit me, I was really hoping they would work for my husband since he is very light sensitive, but on him they are the opposite. His nose is a little wider or larger than mine and these site higher, allowing the light in around the edges and bottoms of the lenses. Where I can move my eyes in all directions and not see any light peripherally, he can see around the lenses on the sides and bottom, so they have not worked as well for him.

The sunglasses come with a nice padded drawstring pouch for storage. There is also a cool semi-hard, zippered clamshell case. I happen to favor the case because it offers the sunglasses a higher degree of protection from me. There is also a replacement nose pad and a cleaning cloth included. The nose pad is a silicone piece that I like because it really prevent these from sliding down my nose. The frame is very lightweight. I got the white with blue and they look cool, but the plastic does feel a little cheap to the touch. For the comfort, the performance and the price, it's a good bargain for protecting your eyes.
Damn good shirt stays. This is my second pair after three years.
Very good fast shipping
This is a great PU leather cell phone wallet. I was looking for one to carry in my large purse to take out & use for shopping & activities that require walking around for hours. I knew it would prevent neck, shoulder & arm pain usually caused by carrying a heavy purse. This phone wallet fit my needs perfectly! It's great for hands-free shopping and other activities. It's nice quality, looks good and has plenty of space for everything. Dollar bills fit perfectly in this wallet; unlike most phone wallets. That was a huge selling point for me.
Great buy!! There are so many of these to choose from. Cute packaging, inside a beautiful red bag. I was searching for my 3y/o granddaughter to have a quality grade "play" ring. Something she could play with and not be heartbroken if lost. These little gems surprised me, they were actually well made and heavy, not tinny as I expected. Made for small fingers, perfect for toddlers. I size would be too small for a teen, maybe a smalll tween. Well worth the price. I purchased a Lenox jewelry box for her to pick all her first jewelry in. Made a stunning gift!
It does exactly what it's supposed to do.. very good quality, the money clip very sturdy and a good amount of bills fit perfectly without your pockets getting fatter. Also much more comfortable than regular wallets.
I was really leery of getting a new wallet. This wallet is incredible. I love the size, the spaces for cards and ids. It is larger than my old wallet but is more comfortable in my pocket. I would buy it again and highly recommend it.
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I am a lady who bought these socks seeking to find something with more coverage for winter. These socks look very nice and the foot of these socks is just about perfect. Not too tight, not to loose, well cushioned and warm. The cuff is another story. There is way too much elastic in the leg portion of these socks and it hurts to wear them. However, because I loved the look and feel of the feet of these socks, I tried to get some use out of them by folding the tops over double so the top of the sock would hit below my calves. This doubled the already significant compression. That day I was very busy and wasn't thinking about my socks. When I took them off after wearing them this way for several hours, the pain of returning circulation was significant and lasted for hours. Foolishly, I bought two packages based on the reviews I read. I am now proceeding to see if I can partially destroy the elastic so that maybe I can get some use out of them. If that doesn't work, I guess I will have to throw them out. I wish I could give these five stars as great boot socks, but they are unusable.
Exactly what I was expecting!! I got this purse as a gift, and it’s so cute am getting one for myself. Highly recommend!
Beautiful and very chic bag I love it! also got lots of compliments!
should get more colours
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