yellow White EVA High Top Canvas shoes|custom made mens shoes delhi_custom mens dance shoes

custom made mens shoes delhi_custom mens dance shoes

A+ product for the price
He loves them
Nice and small
Small in size, more fit to tailor adolescent girls
Just as described. Comes in 2 packages of 5.
perfect, just what I wanted to carry my phone, etc, not bulky.
I looked a while for a wallet to replace my tri-fold. I wanted another tri-fold. What I didn't like on my old wallet was the card slots faced to the middle, which was a pain to get out cards. This one the cards face vertical, much easier to get them out. Good leather quality. 5 stars !
I can't really say that these don't do what they say, but I quickly abandoned them. For my use, I sometimes want to remove the strap. The way the connector works is basically a rubber tube as the end, so adding them requires jamming the end of the glasses arm into the tube and working the tube onto the arm enough to not slip off. Because the rubber is not very flexible, this is really a pain and makes me worry that I might put too much pretty on the arm and break the glasses. Also, the tube will only fit glasses that are fairly small on the end. It just created too much trouble for me to get them on and off when needed.

If you plan to leave the straps on the glasses all the time, you might be happy with these. The straps seem like decent material, and they are easy enough to tighten and loosen the strap around your head if needed.
The necklace arrived all tangled up in a box and it's impossible to untangle. Poor quality and packaging.
No more taking my belt off for going thru scanners. Love these.
The buckles are SOLID! The overall quality is great too.
Quality as usual!
Love this!!
If you are planning on buying these shirts, be prepare to pay more for bigger sizes. Because the shirts are not made to the right size. With companies cutting corners (or should we say "cutting back on material") they are making the shirts smaller... or just putting XL tags on a Large shirt, there for making you to buy a larger shirt that cost more money
I absolutely love this bag! I can access my phone discreetly with out digging through a large purse, my credit cards and small makeup tools as well. The clear screen works great with my Iphone 6 plus. This is absolutely perfect for quick errands or maybe even a teenage girl.
Hasn’t slipped once. Keeps shirt nice and tight.
I have a protruding stomach and a large Under Armor fits great. This is much more compression and my ribs ached after 2 hours. I will try an xl
It was good quality for the price. It is small so it fits in my small purse with room left for glasses and phone. I also like that it is RFID blocking. Love the red color.
It seems as if it was recently
Glued, it’s uneven on the buckle and it smells like the hot gun glue! I’m going to try and take it off the buckle and fix it and cut off the dried glue ends. It’s just annoying that I have to do That when it was a 30$ bag... I wouldn’t complain if it were half that price.
Other than that , the bag really is pretty and worth fixing the buckle strap. So
Perfect for summer !
I used these for sum protection while swimming and while working in the yard. The stay on in rough surf without being too tight. I am now a fan.
Bigger than expected but it’s very nice and roomy , super cute also
Currently my favorite hat and I am extremely picky about my head gear
Actually ordering the same hat in a different color
Made very well and sized properly
it is a bit heavy
This is so cute!!!!!!
This belt was bought as a gift and today when he tried it on it was way to big and the return window is closed?
Fits ok a little toward the smaller size but doesn't fit too small I'd size up if I get another. Personally i don't like too thick material because living in California i get hot really fast wearing thick sweatshirts, this one is comfortable and just enough matterial to keep me warm . I've wore it just a couple of times . Good so far let's see how it holds up after a few washes.
Garbage. Not a true fit like a real Hanes product. Size chart is garbage. If you do buy this trash order 1 size larger than you would on a real Hanes product.
Really like this wallet and has more room than I anticipated.
I look awesome with this hat :D lol
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